My German Shepherd Adventure…

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

   My adventure began with the whelping of my pup on September 9th, 2009. 

Hans' Dam "Cinder" and his littermates in September 2009.

This photo is of his Dam “Omorrows Black Cinder” and his 6 littermates.  This was Cinders very first litter, and she proved to be a very good mother, even with her lack of experience.  Cinder has a pedigree that is recorded all the way back to 1899, and the origin of the German Shepherd dog.

Omorrow's beautiful "Black Cinder"...

She was just about 2 years old at the time of her first breeding.  Cinder has the attributes of the Old World German Shepherd, a strong, straight back, good hip structure, and a beautiful temperament.  But she is a born and bred “Working” dog, and passes her traits on very nicely.  Captain Von Stephanitz would be very proud.  She resembles an ancestor of hers very closely…

Roland von Starkenburg was a German Seiger Champion in the early 20th century and passed along his considerable beauty to several bloodlines of German Shepherds.  The photo at right is one of my very favorites…He would be Cinders Great Grandsire x 26 or 27.  Interesting that solid black was very common in those original days.

SGR VA Roland von Starkenburg, born in 1903.

The next photo is of “Octume vom Blitzkrieg”.  This handsome dog is Hans’ Sire.  Blitz was bred from Hungarian stock, and his sire and dam were from that country.  Names on his pedigree reflect the origin.  “Arany Patak Menti-Dago”, is just one example.  His line too, is filled with Seiger Champions, Schutzhund III’s, Trackers, military working dogs, and the like. 

Octume vom Blitzkreig...

  1. Robert says:

    Cinder has a LOONNGGG and Very accomplished pedigree that goes all the way back to the first GSD Cathy!

  2. Cathy Hautala says:

    Robert :

    Thank you so much for taking this whole thing on. As our Lacey and Han’s Dam, Cinder, share the same parents (different litters), all of the ancestors on Cinder’s side will be the same. I will be very interested to read your future installments.

    I have people, who I don’t even know, come up to me to ask about Lacey. I think the lines and the glistening black coat are eye catching to passers-by. These people are usually very interested in her origins as she doesn’t look like most shepherds that they are used to seeing. Good luck with the process and also with all your other pursuits you are working on.