Omorrow’s Red Baron, “Rinny”, and the Prussian blood connection.

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   Naturally, as the German Shepherd Dog is only a single century old, finding commonality in blood lines is easy.  What fascinates me is the different stories about the individual breeders themselves, and the dogs they produced.  Names like “Weinerau”, “Lexplatt”, “Osnabrucker Land ” , and “Preußenblut”, are found in nearly every fine line.  The Omorrow GSD’s are strongly based in the “Weinerau” and “Preußenblut” lines.

“Preußenblut” means “of Prussian Blood”, and this renowned kennel still exists to this day.  It is located in Osnabruck, Germany and includes the “Preußenblut Hundschule” or Prussian blood Dog School. (Sounds alot more impressive in German doesn’t it?)

The photo at right is of  “Udilo Preußenblut” from 1947.  Udilo was born 28 February, 1945.  He was an ScH I, and a KKLI, which means that breeding by him was highly desired.  Udilo is bloodlined to “Rinny”, Blitz, Cinder, Cracker, Gerta, and Tara’s boy, Gunner. (as well as all offshoots of these of course).  The traditional profile pictures of GSD’s didn’t seem to appeal to the early days of the

Karl Dettmer and Udilo Preußenblut, 1947

“Preußenblut” kennels, as many of them appear as at right, with the kennel master.  In this photo from 1947, is Mr. Karl Dettmer, assumed as the owner of the kennel at the time.  Searches on the ‘net reveal that a “Karl Dettmer” is still somehow associated with the kennel today, but it must be a son or grandson.  I will continue to research this gentleman and the family.  What they produced down to today is both remarkable and wholly admirable.  Much of the available info is written in German, and I am slowly working to translate it using the computer.  At times, the TRANSLATION itself needs to be studied to understand it!  It’s like those Germans have a different word for everything!

  1. omorrow says:

    “Rinney” bears a remarkable resemblance to Udilo !