Omorrow Interview post #3- Dan, Zoey, and Neko.

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  With a distinctive flash of white on her chest, Zoey is a striking German

Shepherd!  She’s another daughter of Omorrows Blitzkrieg, and she looks every bit the part!  Let’s meet Zoey and her Pack…


GSA:  Dan, you have a great looking German Shepherd!  What’s her full name?

DAN:   Stiegele’s Hund mit weiBen Herz. Translates to Stiegele’s dog with white heart .Zoey’s white patch is shaped like an upside down heart .

GSA:  That’s becoming her Dad’s trademark in pups!  Any nicknames, or do you call her with that name?

DAN:  Big Zoe, Zoe, Zoe Zoe.

GSA: That’s easier!  Which of Rhonda’s girls is her mother?

DAN: His mother is Bammy… Zoe is from her litter of October 26th, 2009.

GSA:   More than a year old already, Wow!  What Training have you been thru so far?

DAN:  Basic Obedience , This spring… Agility !!

GSA: That’s cool!  Burn off that GSD Energy!  What food have you finally settled into with your Pack?

DAN:  Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice.

GSA:  Has Zoey ever made any Major messes?

DAN:Zoey has been perfect puppy and dog . She has never chewed anything .Never went to the bathroom in the house . She was crate trained ,at 9 months the crate was put away and she has had run of the house while we are gone .

GSA:  Well, don’t get discouraged! Maybe she’s planning something big for later!  No, that’s great to hear, they really are pretty well behaved when we bring them home.    Any other 4-legged Pack members at home?

DAN:  Neko a three year 125 pound GSD and Emma a 13 year old black lab mix .     

 GSA: Whats Zoey done that keeps you laughing?    

DAN:  9) Jumping up and down 9 foot piles of snow effortlessly it was amazing to see what she can do . She kept on doing it for a half an hour . Queen of the hill!     

GSA:  So what does Zoey do charm you?

DAN:    Zoey will lay on her back and make puppy sounds and purrs so loud .

GSA: A purring dog…We better check her DNA for that…  Tell me, how did you find Rhonda and the Omorrow?

DAN:  we looked on line for a year . We went to several breeders close to home and didn’t get a good feeling . All their dog were well cared for ,but it seemed like they were raising cattle . I was following Omorrow’s web sight for months . Then the facebook page and all the stories of all the happy owners . We new we were going to make a 7 and a half hour drive to Omorrow .

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GSA: And what closed the deal for you?  You made a long trip for Zoey!

DAN: We pulled in to Omorrow to pick up Zoey .Rhonda came out of the house with six dogs . All the other breeders would never have that many dogs running around freely . For me it was like going to the all-star game and meeting all your favorite players I knew all the dogs names . Rhonda and all the dogs where what we thought a breeder should be! We felt right at home .I wish we lived closer we would have spent more time !

GSA:  Would you recommend an Omorrow puppy?

DAN: Zoey is everything we wanted in a German Shepherd . At puppy class the trainer said what do you want Zoey to do ? This puppy will do anything you want her to do . He was very impressed with Zoey . We will getting an other puppy from Rhonda maybe this spring !

GSA: Anything else you’d like to say to Pack Members or people looking for a pup?

DAN:  Just that I can’t say enough about how happy we are with Zoey . And thank you Rhonda for doing what you do !!! Thanks Robert!

GSA: Thank you!  By the way, if you ARE looking to add a puppy to your family, contact Rhonda thru her FACEBOOK page.  You will meet alot of other Happy Omorrow owners, and see what’s happening on the farm!

  1. Kyrie R says:

    Loved it! Zoey is one special girl. Really like what her name means, it is totally fitting. That white patch is her trademark. She definitely has the heart of a lion! Can’t wait to see how our girls do with agility this year.