Omorrow’s Queen Boudica…A true Lady of Breeding.

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Littermate of Bou's Sire: Dutchess Elise von Motsinger.

     Many of you are preparing to take in new puppies from Omorrow’s Queen Boudica. 

Bou is a spectacularly colored Liver, with a stately bearing about her…Many of her offspring take this coloration on, and are also well physically conformed.  Her head is especially well proportioned!  What a beauty!

Omorrow's Queen Boudica, whelped June 23rd, 2007.There are almost no photographs available of her forebears thru the preceeding 3 generations, but after that, her lineage is well illustrated! Bou's Sire was named "Opie Vom Fleischerheim". He has a German registry, was whelped in March of 2003, and is also listed as having been "Liver" in color. While no photographs could be found of "Opie", the photograph above of his littermate was available. Bou's Dam, "Lazara Donanfer" (whelped March, 2005) is also listed as a Liver.Bou's Grandsire, on "Opie's" (Sire) side, "Duke Vom Wrld Sgr Von Willet", in spite of his name does not appear to have appeared in an "SV" competition. "Dean vom Fleischerhiem", a German registered Black & Red, is Bou's great Grandsire thru "Opies" bloodline. Very little info. is available on him, but I offer the name as a guideline to Bou's other sires. Dog's imported to the United State's rarely seem to be Schutzhund titled in the last 5 generations as the Germans take this far more seriously. As a matter of fact, an Untitled GSD in Germany cannot be bred and registered. This takes NOTHING away from the quality of the dogs in these later bloodlines. Large, strong, substantial, strong head, good expression, high withers, firm back. Good position and length of croup, very good front angulation, deeply positioned rear, powerful and spacious gait. Steady temperment, hardness, courage and fighting drive pronounced: Does release.The big fella to the left, is VA Vimo vom Fiemereck, Bou's Great Grandsire x 4. His description was authored in english, leading this author to suppose he was imported here as breeding stock. He was an accomplished SchH 3 and a preferred breeder. Vimo's mother is named V Ariane vom Bockfeld (born in 1988). Her line is very interesting... Bou's Great (x8) GrandDam V Una the Blue Iris.

V Una Blue-Iris

Una was born under Germany registry in November 1981.  Note the strong withers and chest on this female!

She accomplished her SchH 1 and was a Kk1, very desirable as a breeder.  She is in fact, tied in with the Von der Weinerau bloodlines…

V Una of the Blue Iris.

VA1 Axel von der Hainsterbach

Now going back to Bou’s Great (x9) Grandsire, Una’s Sire we find Axel von der Hainsterbach.  His Description reads in German: Sehr ausdrucksvoll, harmonisch, mittelgroß. Gute Oberlinie, gute Kruppe, sehr gut gewinkelte Vor- und Hinterhand, korrekte Front. Gänge kraftvoll, weit ausgreifend, von vorn und hinten gesehen gerade. Mut und Kampftrieb ausgeprägt. WA 80: Viel Harmonie.  The English translation has a poetic quality to it.

Very expressively, harmoniously, medium-sized.  Good waiter line, good Kruppe, very well gewinkelte forehand and hindquarters, correct front.  Gears powerful, far from grasping, of ahead and behind seen just.  Courage and battle drive stamped.  WA 80:  Much harmony.   I haven’t even transliterated it to english syntax because it IS so poetic.  This was a powerful, gracefully moving dog who achieved SchH 3 and Kkl 1 Desired breeder.  Axel was born November 20, 1976.  He was a World Seiger Champion at the 1981 Worlds Competition held in Bremen. 

Axel Hainsterbach-World Sieger VA1 in 1980

  Axels, Grandsire, and thusly Bou’s Great Grandsire (x11) was a Multiple Seiger Champion. His name was  VA7 Frei von Gugge.  This magnificent Black German Shepherd was a titled SchH 3,  Kkl1 breeder, as well as holding an FH (Tracking) designation.     It is at this point that Bou’s bloodlines and that of several Omorrow GSD’s join bloodline connections.  Frei shows up in Blitz’, Cinder, Rommel, and even Gunner’s pedigree, usually along other lines of descent.  Frei was whelped in March 1966.  There is extensive information available on Frei using his full name in Google search.

Frei von der Gugge- 3 time Seiger 1969' , '70, '71. Bou's Great Grandsire (x 11)


Lex vom Drei Kinderhaus

Next, we regress to 1953 and Lex vom Drei Kinderhaus.  An interesting name meaning, “Lex, from the House of Three Children” a nomenclature that so far has eluded my investigation…not to worry, there’s a story to be found there.
  His description highlights the great strength in his forequarters and chest.   This dog was a study in the development of the Working dog ideal, promoting strength, power, and stability.  Lex would be Bou’s Great Grandsire (x15).
Next:  Part 2 of Omorrows Queen Boudica.
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