Omorrow Pedigree Series- Cameo, Omorrow’s Sable Princess.

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     My wife tells me that I’m a “Pedigree-O-Phile”, which sounds a great deal worse than it should.  She hasn’t quite figured out how I can sit for hours, mining the internet, or paging thru dusty, old, books, just for the purpose of learning about a dog’s lineage.  Maybe you’ve wondered too…

To me, a German Shepherds Pedigree is about much more than Schutzhund titles, Breeding ratings, and Hip (OFA) reports.  While those are certainly the PURPOSE of a Pedigree, they are only the shallowest scratch at what can lie below the surface.   Cameo, a beautiful sable colored Princess of Omorrow, is certainly a grand example of what can be found when you really dig!

Omorrow's Cameo...The Sable colored Princess of Omorrow.Yes, Cameo's pedigree is filled with famous names, and Schutzhund 1,2's and 3's. There are SV's and FH's and IPO3's. There are Black dogs, sable dogs...The bloodline extends all the way back to the beginning. Several of her ancestors have competed and done well in WUSV competition. One of them took the number 1 position in 1970. (If I wasn't the consummate professional, I would end that sentence with "blah blah blah.) What interests me are the stories behind each dog. Equally interesting are the people the dogs, although gathering that info can be an exercise in the impossible!Let me start Cammy's story with something rare: An actual photograph of a very close relative, her Grand Sire from Cameo dam line. This big, black GSD is Zues Vom Drackland. Gorgeous, huh? Zues vom Drackland , born 11, April 2001I so rarely have photo's of a formal nature this closely related to my subjects, and this one is very special. Zues was evidently born here in the States, as he has no titles listed, and has been bred several times. No insult intended there, but in Germany, the rule is this: No Titles, No registry, no breeding.Zues springs from West German stock thru Cameo's Great (x 3) Grandsire, Pascha von Haus Anja. No photograph of Anja is available currently, but he too was titled profusely if not distinguished. One of my favorite dogs in her lineage, is one of the Foundation dogs of the modern "Working" German Shepherd. This is "Mutz Von Der Pelztierfarm", Cameo's Great (x 6) Grandsire. He was notable as a very fine German Shepherd for breeding purposes, and was widely employed as such.VA2 Mutz von der Pelztierfarm, born 11 October 1966

Which leads me to one of those Serendipitous moments that I so look forward to in the compiling of these pedigrees.  I found a Cameo ancestor that was an honest to goodness, German Police Service dog!  This is Axel von der Deininghauserheide.  His story will continue in Part 2!

Mutz von der Peltztierfarm

Axel von der Deininghauserheide, German Police Dog!


Zues vom Drackland

This ends Part One!  Thanks for reading!

  1. Wendy Galpin says:

    Your Cameo Sable Princess is a beautiful girl! My Sonny Boy is the exact beautiful color. I purchased him 3 years ago as a pup from a Belgium American Military Family stationed in Jacksonville Florida. His mother was the same Sable color,, with a very few black points. His father a large back and tan. Large boned, and tall. She is the first Sable I have ever seen other than my Sonny Boy…. He has never been shown and has no papers either. But just wanted to say,,,,,, That he is the best dog, protector, and family member! The Sables are beautiful dogs.