Omorrow Pedigree Series: Part 5-Cameo

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

   As I dug deeper and deeper into the history of Cameo’s ancestors, there were so many wonderful photographs, that I couldn’t use even a fraction of them.  It made me aware that this was a trove of information that went far beyond just our beautiful Cameo and her pedigree.  This was really another off-shoot of the German Shepherd history in whole.  All German Shepherds share blood with these working dogs…Much of the history is from Germany. 

German Field Team

I admit that I found stories from some sources that disgusted me, and I hesitated,(and ultimately deleted) to report them.  One such story involved Adolf Hitler and his German Shepherd, “Goldi”.  The man was a monster in more ways than you may have known.  But war produced atrocities on every side.  Dogs were often treated as Weapons, as were people.  That is why I found the story of the Red Cross dogs so interesting and refreshing.  Sadly, those dogs were the minority.    

I hope you have enjoyed learning about Cameo’s pedigree beyond the Schutzhund and breeding information.  I will occasionally put more of the WarDog history into this blog , as it is, in the end, an interesting addendum.  Thanks for reading.

For more information, Google “WarDog Museum” and begin your own investigation into this period.


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