Michael, Hope, and Allison…(plus the kids!)

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    The Lozzio’s are a dream come true for me to interview.  First reason? Both Michael and Hope have an artistic flair with photography and graphic design, and their contributions to the world of Omorrow Online (I just coined that phrase…Hmmmm…) have been fantastic.  Remember the “Tara Fairy”  photo?  Hope and her trusty Photoshop!   Both of them have the “Omorrow Packitude” as well, (another phrase I just created! I’m on a roll today!)    What that means is that they are a positive presence here, always ready to help other Omorrow owners, new and old, ready to be supportive, welcoming, and ready to spread good humor thru our FB page.  It also means that they treat their home pack as family members, and are responsible dog owners!  By the way, they have a LARGE FAMILY PACK! 

I'm beautiful, but very shy! (Not!)

Let’s meet the Lozzio’s!

GSA:  You have one of the most beautiful Omorrow puppy’s!  It doesn’t hurt that you both take lot’s of photo’s either…What’s Allie’s registered name?

HOPE: Her name is Allison “Gnade wie Regen” Lozzio, but we call her Allie.

GSA: For those of you keeping score, her name means, “Graceful as the Rain” in German.  Any postable nicknames?

HOPE: Her nickname is Allie-bear… when she *talks* to us, she honestly sounds like a bear!

GSA:  Omorrow GSD’s seem very vocal…Which breeding is she from?                

Allie, from the 2011 Omorrow Calender.

MICHAEL: She’s a Sophie/Luger pup.  Allie was born on 9/11/10.

GSA:  How do guys manage a big family, work, a house, and your four-legged pack? You’ve GOT to be superhuman!

MICHAEL: We have a great dog!  She makes life really easy and my wife takes care of the rest. Time and patience is a must!

HOPE: I’m a Stay At Home Mom… so there is almost always someone here… All of my kids are now in school full time… so I’m a puppy mom during the day… and an *all-species* mom at night… I’d like to consider myself pretty versatile! lol!

GSA:  Has Allie managed to make any major messes?

HOPE: Honestly… not really… but she’s not left alone all that often… We have found out that she does fancy drywall… lol so, we’re careful when we do leave the house. I’d just like to mention… the *drywall incident* was totally OUR fault… she’s still a puppy… and she was only doing what a puppy does… there’s NO difference between a puppy and a toddler… You wouldn’t leave a baby/toddler alone and unsupervised, and it’s really best (for your pup AND you!) to make sure that you’re either watching your puppy… OR, you have it in a *Puppy-proof* area!

MICHAEL:  Nothing that I wouldnt expect, even though she’s highly inteligent, she’s still a puppy and capable of puppy stuff !Missing slippers, socks, etc…      

GSA:  So tell us about the rest of your Home Pack…

HOPE:   Allie’s the biggest pup in our furry pack… We have a 5 year old stubborn mutt (part kangaroo, I’m sure, because he jumps as high as my head!) named Skippy (he’s 30 lbs of solid muscle – and the only dog she likes to put in his place! believe me… he needs it!), a 4 year old Cockapoo (who is scared of everything, including his shadow) named Fuddy… but Allie is really bringing him out of his shell (he was an abused puppy) and she’s showed him a new confidence that he’s never had before! Then comes Penny… she’s almost a year old, and a Cavapoo… her and Allie are truly BFF’s! The last pup is Nickel… he’s a 4 month old poodle… I am astounded by how gentle Allie is with him… it amazes me that she is only 6 months old and already KNOWS how to play gently…

If that wasn’t enough… we have 1 cockatiel, 2 guinea pigs (Honey Bun and Bubbles) and a 10 year old cat named Macey. Macey likes to keep everyone in line! lol

As for the 2 legged pack members… It’s Mike & me, Samantha, Jason, Jacob, Jim, Caleb and Chance (we have one more boy, but he’s no longer living at home)

(EDITORS NOTE: At this point in the interview, Michael realized the huge and wonderful responsibilty he has, and he fainted.  We were able to revive him by allowing the dogs to lick him into coherence.

GSA:  THAT explains this photo of you Michael, am I right?    So what’s the Funniest thing Allie has done?

HOPE:   told you about Skippy, earlier… he can really be a butt (God Bless him!)… he likes to TRY to dominate people and sometimes the other animals too (not in a vicious way, just by pushing himself on you). Well… EVERY time that I let my pack outside… Alley always goes first… she lets EVERYONE pass, EXCEPT for Skippy… he’ll stand in the doorway until she LETS him by… and if he doesn’t move quick enough, she’ll let him know by grabbing a hold of the back of his neck! She also likes to *herd* him… if he’s going in a direction other than what SHE wants him to go in… she’ll whip her hiney around and BOP him in the head with it! It’s the FUNNIEST thing I’ve ever seen! Oh… and boy, does he LISTEN! LOL

MICHAEL: GROWING really.  Our Cavi-poo is Allie’s wrestling partner… and let me tell you size doesn’t matter!  Recentlywe got a toy poodle which holds his own on the battlefield as well!

GSA:  So what does Allie do that just melts your heart, or at least makes any misbehavior disappear?

Mike & Hope.

HOPE:  Oh, there are just SO many things that Allie does that is sweet, it’s so hard to pick just one thing… so I’ll give you a few! Every day, she loves to SLOWLY lick my face… not normal *kisses*… but the kind that let you KNOW that she LOVES you… that just melts my heart! The way that she snuggles with Nickel at night in bed… she hugs him just like a teddy bear! Another thing that she ALWAYS does… is whenever she sees us take out the camera… she HAS to run over and give kisses first, and then she’ll pose her butt off! lol

MICHAEL: Allie really speaks to us, from the time we brought her home she tells us like it is.

GSA:  What made the Lozzio Pack choose an Omorrow puppy?

HOPE:  I guess you could say… it was *a God thing*. Lots of prayers were said… we knew what we wanted… and we asked Him for it. God is good!!

MICHAEL:The breeding, the temperment of the dogs, and its my wife who chose.

GSA: So how did you Rhonda?

HOPE: After talking on the phone and through emails a few times… we drove about 2 1/2 hours to see her at her home… after we met her and her hubby, and picked out Allie… we were 100% confident that THIS was MEANT to be! We KNEW without a doubt… that we had been led to her!

GSA:  So then, why would you recommend an Omorrow GSD to others looking for a German Shepherd?

MICHAEL:  Allof the above mentioned really.. its been a joy to go from pup to adult with the care taken in the breeding ,to the change of hands.   You can tell Omorrow dogs are superior.

HOPE:  Well, I guess beyond the obvious beautiful GSD’s that she has… and besides the fact that they have been bred for health and temperament… instead of show purposes… they are intelligent and extremely loving… All that aside… once you purchase a dog from Rhonda… her help, input and expertise don’t just stop once you take your furry family member home… she doesn’t disappear when you have questions or concerns… Her sister Tara is also always there, ready to help out… give advice, and share her expertise as well!!

There is also an extended *Pack Family* that is happy to keep in touch, share pictures and advice… and help out anyway they can. We all keep in touch on her facebook page, and there is no pressure to participate… you can come and ask questions, or post pictures… laugh and cry sometimes… but we’re all bound together forever now… we’re all a part of the *Omorrow* family… and it feels AWESOME!!

GSA: Great answers, both of you!  Any last words or special accomplishments you’d like to give?

MICHAEL: Too many!   I think Allieis a model …and a gem! If you have the time , Omorrow dogs can learn anything!
If you’re on the fence about the breed or Omorrow,  they go the extra mile,  they are informed, and will meet with you and answer any questions ! We  had such a good trip when we first met Rhonda and crew…they really came through!

Allie has grown into a beautiful young lady!

  HOPE:  She’s only 6 months old… so she doesn’t have any ribbons (YET! lol) but I’m pretty happy with everything she’s accomplished so far… sit, down, ringing her bells to go out, *gimmie paw*, playing fetch, learning how to walk on a leash (she HATED it at first!), her ability to play so gently with her pack, and the word *NO*, in general – she knows that whatever she’s doing, when she hears NO… it means STOP… and she does!

I remember Rhonda and Tara talking to me about potty training her… and how smart GSD’s were… they told me the *Go Potty* trick – and it really DOES work! Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought I could TELL my dog to go potty – and that she would OBEY me! lol So, for future pack members… they aren’t crazy… and your dog CAN do it too!                                                                           

GSA: Thank you both for taking the time to let everybody meet you!  You are the type of people that DESERVE an Omorrow German Shepherd!  By the Way pack, keep your eyes on the Facebook page for the great photography work these guys do!!!

I can howl like a wolf!

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