Interview with the Dog…(or What happens when we’re trapped inside by rain.)

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Recently it became very clear that the readers of  “German Shepherd Adventures” want to read interviews from Omorrow parents.  The busiest days have always revolved these interviews, (FYI, Tara’s interview leads the Pack in hits at over 2200 individual views!!)

So we here in the fabulous Omorrow German Shepherd Media Relations Department, (4th floor of building annex 7) want to continue providing you, our dear reader, with what you want most!  Therefore I have sent out more interview requests that I hope to begin seeing soon.  If you haven’t seen one in your messages yet, don’t despair!  You WILL!

This week, GSA staffers caught up with an Omorrow pack member that is notoriously publicity-shy, and will only allow goofy tongue photo’s of himself to be published.  He allowed us the interview, because GSA Staff controls his food bowl, and now has hidden his favorite orange floaty toy in an undisclosed location.  We caught up with him at a  posh, downtown Hotel cafe’ over a light lunch…

Omorrow’s ‘Hans mit sand Seinen Zwieschen Zehen

         As we walked into the pre-arranged meeting place with Hans, he was waiting in  a perfect “Sit” , in the lobby.  We stopped briefly for a formal Handshake, and a thorough sniff by Hans.  We sat in a private nook, and strangely, Hans immediately ordered a Gin & Tonic (Bombay Sapphire, please).  His black coat was shiny, and seemed freshly brushed for the occasion, with a hint of devil-may-care German Shepherd attitude…

GSA:  Well, Hans, Thank you for getting together with us for this interview.  You don’t grant many…

HANS:  I’m not shy or secretive, or anything like that…I’m just kept so busy these days!  Train, train, train!  And then there’s the school visits, hospital duties, and I keep my Mom busy with therapy work too…Dad and Mom believe that a German Shepherd needs training and a job!  I have more jobs than a Jamaican immigrant!  But it’s a busy, happy life…Besides, you took my food dish and my favorite toy until I agreed…

GSA:  So how old are you now Hans?

HANS:  I was born September 9, 2009.  My Mom is Cinder, (HI MOM!! ) And my Dad is Blitz.  He’s the big-cheese at Omorrow, after Grandma Rhonda of course.  (Hi Grandma!)  So I guess that makes me 1 year and 8 months old.

GSA:  Wow!  You sure are a big boy!  How about some stats?  Listen up girls!

HANS:  Well, my Vet told my Dad that I’m a “super-athlete” German shepherd.  I’m 29 inches tall and I weigh 101 pounds.  I like to stay fit, cuz’ our work is really hard, and I sometimes have to go into cramped spaces, tight culverts, and other dangerous places.  So we train hard…

GSA: So what’s with the Gin & Tonic?

HANS:  I said “Stay Fit”, NOT  join a monastery.  I like to chill too.  Dad lets me be just a dog one day a week…No training, no obedience drills, just running amuck  in the river or out on the property.  We also chase geese for the municipal golf course…Dad says it enhances my “Prey Drive”.  I don’t know about all that, but it’s really fun!

GSA:  What are you eating these days?  The dog food scene is really confusing!

HANS:  You’re telling me?!!!  Some of that stuff out there is pure poison.  Grandma Rhonda explains it really well, but she gets a little upset at the people who make it.   As a puppy, I was given a special puppy food by my Vet, Dr. Nowery.  For 6 months I ate that.  It kept my puppy bones from growing to fast…Then Grandma (and my Vet) recommended Taste of the Wild.  I really liked it, especially when Dad started to learn about RAW diets,and used TOTW as a supplement!  Dharma’s Dad, Jerry got him to try RAW, and it was great.  We went totally Raw, for a short time.  However, our training and traveling made it hard, so Dad recently started me on Nutri Source Grainless as a supplement to RAW.

GSA:  Is that all?

HANS:  Alright alright…I admit to some counter-surfing, I’m not above begging, and outright theft of english muffins with Canadian bacon seems like a small, victimless crime.  If I could get Ice Cream, I’d eat myself absolutely sick!   But then I’d be in trouble..

GSA:  Wow!  True confessions time!  So what Training have you been thru up ’til now?

HANS:  Well, At 10 weeks, Mom & Dad and I attended Puppy pre-school at National K-9 in Columbus, Ohio for 5 weeks.  It was a socialization course, with some minor foundation training.   We would sit around a big room with about 20 other families and their dogs.  I was bigger than most of the other dogs, and I guess some of the people were scared of me.  So all the puppies got to work with other people…I was a good puppy just like Grandma Rhonda and my parents taught me, and made some new friends.  I met my best buddy there, a Black & Red GSD named “Gunner”.  He lives in our neighborhood, and trains with out S & R team as well!  He got neutered  awhile ago, so we still get along great!  We work together a lot!   After that, we did 4 weeks of Private training in basic obedience.  It was during that time that Mom & Dad decided that a more intense program was needed to help us specialize in Tracking and other canine jobs.  We got involved with The Delta Society, Canine Good Citizen, and Dad started investigating special training from FEMA and other Law enforcement agencies…We also found Cory, our favorite trainer.  He does Schutzhund training and he’s really cool.  He lets me get real rowdy, but he’s strict about obedience!

GSA:  What have you been doing recently…

HANS:  We’ve really gotten into scent work, and I started “Cadaver” training about a month ago.  That stuff stinks like you’d never believe, with that short useless human nose!  It’s really exciting working with that group of people and dogs…LOTS of running around time!!

GSA:  Hans, you come from a very impressive pedigree, do you think that’s why you’ve done so well in these jobs?

HANS:  Hmmmmm…True, I have a lot of really cool ancestors that did a lot of cool things.  But, honestly?  PEDIGREE  SCHMEDIGREE!!!  I’ve worked hard, and trained hard.  Grandmas idea of breeding good, balanced, GSD’s with calm temperament and good health is fully HALF the reason for my success.  And having parents that work with me everyday, love me, and give me the best care possible, and TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN, themselves is the other half.  The Omorrow is the BEST place to get started with a puppy!

This ends Part One of the Hans interview:  More to come!

  1. Hope says:

    LOVE this, Robert! Keep up the awesome work!!

  2. Susan Webster says:

    Sounds like you are one very happy and very loved dog Hans. I am very happy for you and your human parents!!!