Omorrow’s Red Baron (Rinny)- Trackers and Schutzhund and Herders, Oh My!

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   One of the Omorrows newest breeding sires is “Omorrow’s Red Baron”, known to his friends as “Rinny”.  He is fast becoming a foundation sire for the Omorrow bloodline of tomorrow.  He has a fascinating and storied pedigree that you will enjoy learning about.  Take notice of the color variations in his line, as well as the straight strong toplines, and certified hip ratings.

Rinny’s AKC published pedigree lists his Sire as “Harley Von Adams” and his Dam as “Shyann von Adams”.   Traveling thru his Sires side, Rinny’s GrandSire is  “Helo Vom Jago H.S.”  The designation H.S., indicates that Helo was a Herding Dog and was trained in that field.  Many of his progeny may also find that they excel in that work as well, so if you have a Rinny pup, watch for this trait!!!

Rinny’s Great Grandsire is named  “Cosmo Vom Creekview”, born in the State of Oklahoma at Creekview Farms kennel.  No photo’s exist at this time.  At this point, the pedigree becomes much more precise and includes many photos!

This handsome dog is “Dingo vom Haus Gero” .   His Schutzhund and Seiger careers record that he earned VA ratings in 1981 and 1983.  This designation means “Excellent Select Seiger show rating. Highest award available to the GSD; Only awarded to outstanding dogs holding at least a Schutzhund 2 rating”.   You will notice that Dingo is also the first dog in Rinnys pedigree to have the sloping hips of the modern show GSD.  From this point backward, the Old World straight back is dominant. 

KOER REPORT: Medium sized, Strong, typical male with high Withers, good line and good length and situation of the croup. Very good angulations of the pre and hind angulation, the balanced Brisket in proportion, correct front, as well as very roomy gait with strong supply. Safe nature, hardness, courage and combat impulse pronouncedly.

       Rinnys  Great Grandsire 6 generations back is “Cäsar von Arminius “.  This dog was born in Mannheim, Germany, 1972.  His distinction, besides the Schutzhund 3 title and a “V” Seiger rating (or “Excellent”) is that he holds the “FH” rating, the highest Tracking Rating given to GSD’s.

Rüdengepräge medium-sized, powerful, yet good goods. Very good back line, just front, very good Widerrist, very good general stability. Kruppe could be longer. Very good hindquarters depth. Goes just and shows good, room grasping gears with good supply. Nerve festival, distinct battle drive.His description descibes a dog with Good Drive, Social skills or "Nerve Festival" a German term. The dog is listed as being "27 in. tall, and 88 lbs in size, (translated). Next on our tour is a dog considered by many to be a hugely influential body type in the development of the the GSD,"Rolf vom Osnabrucker Land". This would be Rinny's Great Grandsire x 12. Rolf was born in 1947. He earned the coveted "VA" ratings in Seiger competition in 1950 and 1951. He was also Koerklass rated, (breeding title) as KK1 the highest desirable rating.VA1 Rolf vom Osnabrücker Land

The Shoulders and neck of this dog are
magnificent and strong, and hails back to the original intent of the German Shepherd.
Next, is  “V Trutz aus der Schwanenstadt”  who bears in his titles “MH” or Master Hunter.     In Modern AKC lingo, this designation usually refers to “Bird dogs”.  In those early days, some GSD’s were indeed trained to hunt wild game including deer, badgers, bears etc…Trutz is a beautiful specimen! 

V Trutz aus der Schwanenstadt sired 1938

Born in 1932,  V Gockel von Bern is Rinnys Great Grandsire x 18!  Gockel was a uniquely colored GSD, along with full titles and Breed rated (ZPr) Select.

V Gockel von Bern 1934

Gockels Sire, Rinnys GreatGrandsire x 19, V Wiegand vom Blasienberg  was also similar in color. (Sired 1930)


V Wiegand vom Blasienberg 1930

We’ve been looking straight down the Sires side of Omorrows Red Baron Pedigree to this point.  Allow me to show you the colorations that were passed down thru his Dams side for a moment!  This beautiful sable girl is “V Donna zun Reuerer”  A Great Granddam x 20…
V Donna zum Reuerer 1924

          This has been just the highlights of  Rinnys pedigree, but it does show the development and variety of Rinny’s ancestry!  If you are the owner of a Red Baron puppy, cherish the history that has produced your Omorrow GSD!!!  

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  2. Wow, I am currently getting a little boy from the Rinny/ Hannah litter I love all the work you put into this, its amazing and so informative 🙂

  3. omorrow says:

    Your tireless efforts amaze me.. Thank you for all that you do Robert!!