The Reason for knowing your veterinary caregivers.

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   Please,  pardon me if this series on Choosing a Veterinarian seems to have taken over my blog recently.  My reasons for that are deeply personal.  Recently, a good friend and colleague, and his wonderful German Shepherd (not an Omorrow, but a great dog still) suffered catastrophic  health complications due to  inattentive veterinary care.  Had the owner and the Vet, or his staff effectively communicated beforehand and had a PLAN, a great dog only 3 years old would not have died in an Anaphylactic state of shock.  The magnificent dog was reduced to a quivering, salivating, mess while uninformed and opinionated humans debated and blamed others.  I have been both saddened and angered by the “We should have done this,…I wish we had spoken…If only I had known…” conversation on both sides.   We are all responsible as Dog Owners, to the health of our four-legged friends.  The dog has no way to express his opinion, so we must all be Caring, empathetic,  stewards, of our dogs.  It’s hard work…It consumes our time learning about this care.  Valuable time.  But NOT doing it is tantamount to abuse of an intelligent living soul.  The situation has now made it necessary for me to make standardized “Veterinary Responsibilities”  for the handlers in my Response Group.  I will never again assume that one of my people is caring for his or her canine properly.   These Veterinary posts are dedicated to you “Alex”…you will be missed with tears, and with pride.      

   I wanted you to know why I’ve frothing over this subject.  Next Post: Vaccines and Antibiotics.

  1. Kyrie says:

    I appreciate these posts on GSA, mainly because as a young dog owner and being new to the world of dog owner responsibility I am learning ALOT everyday I am with my dogs and reading about how to properly care for all of them as a whole (i.e. mentally, physically, etc…). Because of the research and learning from other owners I feel better prepared for keeping my crew healthy and happy and often hear from other dog owners on my reservation who have experienced similar situations and had no idea how to handle it. So again, thanks for the info, it helps and is great for newbie owners such as myself… 😀