A Event that you WANT to attend: September 10th, 2011 Omorrow Reunion.

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  I’m taking a brief break from the Veterinary Series (A short one!) to let my readers that don’t already know, about a very special event that is now only a month away!!!       The Second Annual Omorrow German Shepherd Reunion!!!

   It had to be December or January of 2009 when I was visiting Omorrow farm, chatting with Rhonda about my Omorrow GSD, “Hans”, and whatever else was happening.  I remember making the statement, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could have summer party and invite all the Omorrow owners together with their dogs?”    Rhonda replied that she had often thought about doing that very thing, but it would be difficult to do at the farm.  We talked about the perceived problems with the idea, (OUR perceptions)  Too many Males, there would fights, it would be chaos, the females would probably go after each other.  The Territorial problems at the farm made it impossible.  We went on to other subjects, or more likely, back to cuddling with puppies.    

Omorrow Reunion 2010!

Let me just say, I do not take credit for the planning or success of the First Annual Omorrow Reunion.  Credit for that goes to Rhonda for allowing a crazy man to start the ball rolling by asking the then small group at Facebook if they wanted to gather.  Well, the response was more enthusiastic than we expected.  Way more…So I began looking for a suitable spot, keeping Rhonda up -to-date with my search.  I remember thinking to myself, what if we plan this and nobody shows up?

After much searching, I found the Dog Park at Alum Creek State Park, just north of Columbus, Ohio.  It was fairly centrally located, had a great running area for the dogs, including water, and it was free!  Along with those things, the park personnel were very excited that we wanted to come there. 

   Rhonda and I finally were able to get everybody on the FB page to agree to June 27th 2010 as our date!  We put together a fairly hasty call for everybody to bring side dishes, drinks and everything that goes with a picnic.  We were winging it and  just hoping that people showed up. 

June 27th dawned clear and sunny with the promise of being HOT!  And it was indeed a sweltering day.  My wife, our dog Hans, and I arrived at the Park at 10:00AM to stake out our reserved spot at the Dog Park.  I dragged my gas-grill from home in the back of car, wrestling it into place beside the dog.  He had NO idea what his crazy Dad was up to, but he wanted to be part of it! 

At 11:45 AM, we were still all alone.  We gave good directions right?  We gave the right date didn’t we?  Every car that entered the park drove right by our spot.  Ooooh Boy…But just before Noon, a nice lady mamed Susan showed up with her daughter, son, and her Omorrow pup!  “Great I thought!  Somebody to eat some of these burgers with us!”  I mean, besides Hans…

But my worries were short lived, as suddenly there were German Shepherds and people all over the place!!!  My next worry was, “Would all of these German Shepherds get along?”  That had been Rhonda’s concern as well…As people and dogs began to mingle,tentatively at first, our confidence began to grow.  Handshakes and names began to be exchanged, stories about our dogs were shared, and soon everybody was chattering as though we had known each other for many years!  Rhonda and Brian brought Blitz, the Omorrow Alpha, and he oversaw the event with the dignity of a Patriarch!  There were 4 month old puppies, and 10 year old unneutered males there, all getting along famously!  The atmosphere was what we later termed “Packitude”…Every living soul there, two-legged and four-legged seemed to know we were family! 

There were, of course, cameras everywhere, and posing Omorrow dogs!  I finally got around to firing up the grill and everybody ate.  There was ALOT of food!!  Thanks to everybody! 

My point in remembering this event, is simple.  I want everybody that was there to share YOUR favorite memory of Last years reunion!!!  Share them here on my blog, or at the Facebook site…

This years reunion will be even bigger!!!  Rhonda has taken the reins, and along with a bunch of other Omorrow Pack members, we promise that the 2011 event will be historical, hysterical, and loads of fun!!!  We’ll have food, guest speakers, door prizes, and we hope to have a “Hundred Dog March”  on the small town of Bellville Ohio!!!  You will want to be a part of it!!!

     Okay everybody!  Share your memories and your photo’s!!!!

  1. Cheryl and Strider Garn says:

    Hello Robert,
    Strange ~ I stumbled onto your web page via Flicker looking for Rhonda’s photos of the B.A.D. Academy gathering this past Sunday as my computer crashes on Face Book and I’m desperately looking for a way to view that photo album. Funny how little “road signs” show up.
    We really enjoyed our first time attending the Omorrow B.A.D. Academy /reunion and I am hoping you remember talking to me about my beautiful guy ~ “Strider” 9 Dreams of Anduril. (See Rhonda’s photos) You encouraged us to bring him to this upcoming reunion Sept. 10 so you
    could work with him.
    Because Strider has been an “only child”- his canine social skills are in it’s infancy, I admit I am a bit apprehensive about his displays of dominance directly toward other dogs which could hinder the experience – but my husband and I are looking forward to attending. Overall – he was well behaved and I know getting him out to dog events IS the only way to reverse the social problem. For now, I have to trust in his ability to follow my commands and that amazing GSD intelligence to figure it out as we go.
    Strider has an obvious “nose down” tracking drive. I have trained him to be responsive to the verbal commands “search” and/or “recover” as well as some silent hand commands when in pursuit of people or items to find. He displays an independent ability to track people’s footsteps from the doorstep, to driveway, to their car doors. It is a fun ritual – to witness his zig-zag “precision” after they have left. I don’t know to what ends this could be but It could become such a good working exercise for both of us to explore.
    I would love to sign Strider up for Sept. 10 and would like to know in advance if there is a set schedule and a fee for your 30 minute session we need to be aware first ? Please feel free to email me directly and/or exchange phone numbers if need be. By the way – nice web site – I will be signing on. ~ Cheryl, Jerry and “Strider” Garn

  2. Aimee says:

    Awww….I’m so jealous it sounds like a blast! I wish I could go! Maybe next year, once my Omorrow pup officially joins the family…

  3. Jasmine D. says:

    I don’t have pictures, but my funny memory is watching my over-sized Fokker aka Amos pull Rhonda across the parking lot when I asked her to hold the leash while I got my covered dish and the ice and water that I had brought for all the dogs. Poor Rhonda had to end up going with me because Amos insisted on following his mother.