Omorrow Reunion activities! Great Opportuniies!!!

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

  Danny from B.A.D. Academy and I have been sharing information on our planned activities for the Reunion on September 10th, and we are getting very excited!  I warned Danny that this Pack talked up a storm last year, and we may have to throw raw meat to the dogs to draw all of you away from socializing!  What a great bunch of people you are!!!

  I thought what I would do here is describe what I intend to share , and let you decide whether or not you are interested, and then set up a schedule.

First, I have decided to do One-on-One sessions with everyone interested.  There will be dogs of every age in attendance, and I welcome all of them.  But they will have different needs, and I want to address that specifically.  A Group seminar would be too general to be effective, and I want the what’s best for each dog.  Approximately 30 minutes per dog (or Puppy) should give us good information regarding what foundations you both need to become good tracking teams.  I will do consultation with even the young puppies, as we can put you on a path of effective training immediately.  If you have an Older dog, we can work with them as well.  I already have 4 sessions set up, so message me soon!  Thanks!


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