Press Release sent to all Central Ohio news outlets!!!

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey Omorrow Pack!  Here’s the Press release sent to all news outlets within 100 miles of Columbus Ohio.  Phone calls have been followed up as well…I hope we get some coverage!!!

My reason for this e-mail is to invite you to a very special Canine-centric event, that is taking place September 10th, 2011 in Bellville, Ohio.  

   Every year, there is a unique gathering of German Shepherd Dogs, a “Family” reunion as we call it.  This year we expect between 60 and 100 German Shepherd Dogs, all from the same breeder, to descend on Bellville, Ohio for a weekend event.  Omorrow German Shepherds is located in Mount Vernon, Ohio, and is owned and operated by Rhonda Sellers and her husband Brian.  For more than twenty years, Omorrow has bred German Shepherds for many special purposes, including Therapy work, Service dogs for the handicapped, Search & Rescue dogs, Detection and Cadaver work, and as loyal family members.  As a result of Omorrows hard work and dedication to the breed, a special group of people have been drawn together over the years.  People that not only love the breed, but make special effort to improve their communities by means of their dogs.  We train and use our dogs, seek to be of assistance, and have formed a special bond.  We are made up of Trainers, Behaviorists, Handlers, Veterinarians, and just plain responsible dog owners.  
The event will include seminars on behavior of dogs, training dogs for Tracking/Trailing, and  we are planning on a “100 German Shepherd March” on downtown Bellville, Ohio.  There will food and fun all day from 11 AM until we go home exhausted.  That alone would be a great photo opportunity!  
   Our purpose in inviting you, is to demonstrate that a large gathering of this breed is possible because of the training and effort put into the dogs by the owners and the breeder.  So many negative stories are generated by breeds such as German Shepherds, and the like, that we feel the need to inform the public what these canines are capable of doing for our communities.  If you are interested in a visit, you may contact me at this e-mail address, or I will provide my cell number below.  For insight to the group, please feel free to look at the Omorrow Community under Omorrow German Shepherds on Facebook.  

              Thank you for your time,            

A Beautiful Omorrow German Shepherd.

                 Robert W. Vaughan

  1. Kim Atwell says:

    Awesome! Glad you sent this to all the papers – our Mansfield News Journal seriously has nothing better to do so if they don’t show up, I’m writing them an editorial.

  2. Susan Webster says:

    Way to go Robert!!!!

  3. Rogue9119 says:

    wow awesome Robert!!