The Run-Up to Reunion Time!

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

  I actually sat down to flesh out a new Post on our series on Veterinary care, with a description of immunizations, alternative medications, and the like.  (Thanks to Thomas for his link concerning TITERS today on the Omorrow Facebook site!  GOOD Stuff that I’ll address here AFTER the Omorrow Reunion!)

Anyway, in the midst of doing some writing, I have the Tracking/Trailing seminar for the Reunion on my mind, a new video project that involves learning NEW stuff, the August 28th BAD Academy seminar, an article for Dog World magazine on choosing a pup with the Volhard test, an article for (I hope) K-9 Cop magazine on “Relationship training”, preparations for a new Omorrow puppy in 7 or 8 weeks, (We’ve agreed on a name!     “Holly, Omorrows’ Autumn Blossom”),  and daily training continues especially as the weather cools.  (WWHHEWWWWWW!)     I’m also ready to add a Board Member to the NCK-9SAso that we can take the next development stage in that project!  The Search & Rescue group(CVK9RG) is also developing slowly (by design) as I train 2 local volunteers and their dogs for service…Heidi (The retired GSD Police dog) has continued with us and says “WOOF” to everybody here!  Yes…I’m VERY busy. 

That’s the reason that this Omorrow Reunion means so much to me, and why I’m so focused on it.  Without the Omorrow German Shepherds, Rhonda, Brian, Tara, Blitz, Cinder, and Hans, none of the things I’ve listed would be happening…and I would’nt  be in the happiest place of my life.  I turned into my 50th year in June, approaching retirement from one career, and wondering what to do in the next…Well, I know that now I can turn my ADD riddled brain to all things canine, for at least half of my time.  (I have another career that is completely unrelated to dogs or automobiles.  I just don’t incorporate here very much.) 

  So this annual reunion is a  reminder of how blessed I am…I’m doing exactly what I want to do, when I want to do it, and how I want to do it.  The only chink in the plan is having to NOT be WHERE I want to be yet.  But that’s coming as well.  Meeting Rhonda and the four legged Omorrow Pack started me on a wholly new and unexpected path, and thats no small thing.  Then, as we began to grow and communicate with a whole new Pack on Facebook and e-mails, etc…Well, things surged into even better things!!!  What a great group of people you all are!  If you take a llooonnngggg  way back into the Facebook page, we’ve laughed together, celebrated together, teased each other, taken silly photo’s, taken seriously beautiful photo’s, cried together, written together, oohed and aahed over each others puppies, welcomed one another…I could go on, but if you’ve been here more than a week on FB, you already know.  That’s why I’m so looking forward to this Reunion.  I Love this Pack, and it’s members both 4 and 2 legged!!


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