…This is Our Storm…

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

   Three hundred years ago,  tall ships that answered to the wind dared to sail the earths vast oceans.   They had no advanced technology to forewarn their crews of storms, rogue waves, coral reefs, or dense banks of fog.  What they lacked in technology, they made up for in comraderie, and an ability to move bravely forward into darkness…In the end, it all came down to a ship, and the people that crewed her.  The ocean neither had, nor was it capable of mercy…it simply answered to the dictates of the green and blue orb on which it is placed.  Yet, those ships and their crews slipped their berths, left their harbors, and went bravely into what they knew not.

  Thats how the situation feels for those of us that place ourselves in the Omorrow Pack right now…And we’re all wondering when the storm will end, allowing us to once again float on the comforting ebb and flow of our Pack.  I can’t answer that question, even for myself.  The month  of October thus far has been a seemingly endless series of very bad squalls on what has been a smooth, gentle, voyage up ’til now.  There have been losses, there has been pain, tears, anxiety and mourning.  I won’t list the pains  here, as some of the wounds are still open and prone to bleeding in a figurative sense…And those of us that  are wounded need to see the light of a new and better day.  What will that light look like, and when will it glow from behind the clouds?  I don’t know, but it’s closer right now than it was yesterday, and it will be even closer tomorrow…

  Life has no gaurantees, but gaurantees don’t make our lives necessarily better.  Whats really important is the manner in which we answer to the storms that break on our shores, before, during, and after.  We must understand however, that this is not just about dogs, Omorrow, or those who have suffered specific losses.  It’s really about a group of people brought together by those separate things.  Sailors came to love their ships, often referring to them with feminine sobriquets and obsessively caring for their vessel with great attention to details.  We’re the same way…Once we become involved with Rhonda and the Omorrow German Shepherds, we become a part of the whole, and keeping up on the news from there becomes a daily (or hourly!) habit.  We love our common bond, and become stronger because of it.  If a ship was damaged in a storm, the loyal crew would work quickly to return the grace and dignity of their waterborne home as soon as they could.  If, God forbid, their ship were to be damaged to the point of slipping beneath the dark and forbidding sea, the men who had sailed aboard her were still bound together by what would seem an unspoken oath of loyalty.  Friends to the end, even without the ship.  It was about the PEOPLE, and that which brought them together.  The Good Ship Omorrow, her Master, and the crew aboard are weathering a storm currently.  Rhonda is doing so with grace, professionalism, and unselfish love for her people, and her Pack.  Tara and the rest of the family are also doing everything possible to keep the Omorrow the beautiful, untouched, place that it is…The rest of the Pack are staying in touch with each other by internet, phone, and personal visits with each other.  Keeping positive thoughts and prayers flowing toward the farm, and the puppies, and the families.  We are doing our best.

If Omorrow was Only a kennel that bred German Shepherds, NONE of these things would be happening.  We wouldn’t have each other to comfort, tease, and support.  The dogs would only be “livestock” to be sold off , followed by counting the cash.  But we have learned, this October, that Omorrow is so much MORE to each member of the Pack, whether new or long-time.  It’s family.  It’s people brought together, working together, fellowshipping together, and generally improving our little ship as it rides the Storm out.  We WILL see this tempest thru to the other side.  There may be loss, there may be sorrow…but there will also be hugs, encouragement, and more life to embrace.  Who could ever imagine that all of this happened because of a woman’s dream to breed German Shepherds that  made her Grandfather proud?  Or that so many people would  also recognize the grace, power, and beauty of these precious creatures, despite the fact that their lives are so very fragile and temporal?

   See you on the other side of the Storm, Omorrow Pack!  (and bring doggie treats!)

  1. Rogue9119 says:

    you have a gift and way with word, Your symbalisum is spot on my friend thankyou for this from the bottom of my heart. we had a few mishapps with Reichs health this month but thankfully he has recovered I wish from the depths of my soul i could say the same for everybody else. My familys prayers are with omorrow now and forever. Thankyou Robert

  2. Kim Atwell says:

    Perfect Robert!

  3. dave spriggens says:

    Beautifull people beautifull dogs and we will be back to see you and indeed deal with Ommorow our prayers are with you and all our love

  4. Jasmine D. says:

    Beautiful, and Mary and Crystal said everything I would have said. Love you and will see and talk to you when the storm has passed. God tests us all and I know that you are very strong or because he never gives us anything we cannot hand, either by ourselves or with help from people who care about us. WE WILL BE HERE!!!!

  5. The good thing about storms is that they always do have an end. It WILL be sunny on the other side, but while it is raining we have plenty of people to keep us dry. I can’t imagine sharing these tears with anyone else.

  6. Mary Lucas says:

    Very Beautiful Robert, that also brought tears to my eyes, i have to stop reading things while i’m at work. Although you are so right, we are a family and Rhonda is our leader. She is a wonderful breeder,wonderful person and a wonderful friend. October has been a nasty month for Omorrow, but with support of us all, we will get through this, With good thoughts and prayers sending to the Omorrow farm and the family working 18hr days. That everyone pulls through. We Love you Rhonda and the pack. We all will still be here waiting til you get back. But for now we all know and understand you have important things to take care of and we would not have it any other way. NO ONE blames you at all. and there is nothing to forgive, you are doing what you are suppose to do and everyone knows that. YOU HAVE NO REASON TO ASK US TO FORGIVE YOU. You are the best. Take care of those GSD and babies and we will see you soon and all be waiting.. Love ya

  7. Diane Spriggs says:

    Beautiful …..