Bringing home Baby or How I Learned to Love Chaos and Thrive.

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  If you are a member of the Omorrow German Shepherd Pack, you already know that my wife and I recently became new parents to another German Shepherd.  If you are one of my regular readers here at GSA, my wife and I recently became new parents to an Omorrow GSD pup!!!  She is a beautiful female from a favorite bloodline at Omorrow.  We have named her “Holly, Omorrows Blossom of Autumn”, and we are completely smitten with her, as is our now 2 year old GSD, Hans.  He is proving to be a very devoted big brother, mentor, and chew toy for this energetic little fuzzball.     

Holly, in a moment of repose…

      My wife and I have both become very involved in the training and handling of canines for various purposes, a benefit that I did not foresee 3 years ago, but it’s a wonderful byproduct.  I was looking for Search & Rescue dog, and during our early training, she discovered Service/Therapy dogs as well as a couple of other more obscure jobs for dogs.  One that she is pursuing is Cancer detecting dogs.  (More as this chapter develops).

So as Hans grew into his abilities, and we made the decision to pursue the more aggressive canine work, my wife wanted a dog for therapy type work.  Honestly, she at first wanted a smaller breed with less “energy”.  She looked at Papillons (Hyper intelligent and possibly planning World Domination), Terriers (digging holes AND in League with the Papillons), Shiba Inu’s (cute, crazy, and complete Anarchists), but finally realized that the best dogs in the known Universe were German Shepherds, and specifically Omorrow German Shepherds.  We brought home a little female from the Luger/Sophie litter born July 27th, 2011.  This pairing is a longtime  favorite of Rhonda’s, and indeed this will be the last litter from both of these exceptional dogs.  Sophie will be retiring to a Loving home with two other GSD’s, and Rhonda’s sister Tara and her great family.  Sophie will retire into a very happy situation.  Luger is retiring so that he can go to work.  The big Shepherd is moving out East to assist a gentleman that works with troubled families professionally.  Luger has a special effect on those with emotional burdens, and he will be a full-time Service/Therapy dog. 
With these credentials, we couldn’t miss.  And we haven’t.  Holly has the intelligence of your average 6 year old child, an inborn ability to control large, male German Shepherds, and a plan to have us trained by December 2011.  I laugh as I write this, because she is a very different puppy than Hans was at this age. 
   As a pup, Hans was very serious, always looking for something to Learn.  He trained hard, played hard, and had the fine art of napping down to perfection.  Holly, on the other paw, is a Party-Girl!  She craves the company of as many people as can be found.  She’s already been to the local elementary school for a preliminary test of suitability.  She passes with distinction.  She is a little clown with toys, and investigates endlessly.  Naps usually last about 10 minutes followed by 2 hours of “Who’s In Charge Here, and How Can I Take Over?”
  She’s a big-time “Outdoor Girl” as well, not concerned over her manicure, or how much dirt she has in her coat.  Digging is one of her preferred pasttimes, showing a talent for digging holes that fit her body just perfectly, so as to facilitate effective ambushes of her new big brother.
Another favorite game involves water dishes.  Dumping them actually, followed by lifting the stainless steel bowl triumphantly over her head and running headlong thru the house, until the inevitable wall impact.  This produces a level of noise that both delights, and inspires her to further such shenanigans.
   With an older brother here, Holly has been taught certain things that Hans had to figure out on his own.  Like, “Hide Daddy’s socks in my crate and ambush him from behind when he retrieves them”.  A game that seems to satisfy for hours on end.  Socks with pin holes in them are THE  Fashion statement in our home currently.
  As I watch this new life begin, she’s chasing the autumn leaves around the yard as they ride the breeze.  Anyone not charmed by a puppy chasing leaves is incapable of emotion…Her right ear is standing on it’s own now, and the left is draped over her eye.  She’s growing in that way that only puppies do…everyday seeming to count for two weeks.  I wonder what she’ll accomplish as we train her, and find her special ability.  I know she’ll bring comfort to people that need it.  She may help Doctors detect cancer in time for effective treatment.  She’ll take children under her fuzzy guidance and help them overcome emotional and physical hurts…She may even get to help find lost people with her brother.  She will be a very special dog…I can see it in her eyes.  For now, she brings laughter and life into our home, which is more than we could ever ask…
  1. georgana says:

    I really enjoyed this story. I can’t wait to read others that you have written. Very vivid imagery and just completely entertaining.

  2. Jenny Davis says:

    Robert, love the article. SO many similarities between Holly and Sasha. Definitely an inborn need to carry around a water dish! I can’t wait to hear more!