Book Review-“In a Dog’s Heart” by Jennifer Arnold.

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

While I’m waiting for Hans to finish his meditation, and his interview to follow, I received another book for review from my publisher.  (By the way, thank you to all of my readers here, now 7000 plus strong!!!  Your attention has made it possible for me to be considered worthy to do these reviews by several publishers!!)

I went into this title, fully prepared to NOT give it positive review.  Generally, the very tone of the title would send me scurrying away, mumbling about another author that demands Cesar Millan be hanged in a public square for cruelty to canines.  It’s fashionable to have that opinion among the Neo-dog training community, and it’s just stupid.  Mrs. Arnold does take a swipe at Cesar via proxy however, by telling a story about a trainer “that studied under” Cesar Millan.  She labels both of them as “Aggressive Dominance Theorists”, and roundly proclaims that this method is all about harsh punishment, and creating fearful dogs.  Do any of these people actually watch or read Mr. Millans shows or books?

With that criticism behind us, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it’s message.  Jennifer Arnold is the founder and director of Canine Assistants, a service dog school in Georgia (  She plainly loves dogs, and her main concern is giving them all the very best life that can be had.  She is earnest, sincere, and tenderly humorous toward them.

The first chapter, titled “What dogs Want.”, is weighed down by what she calls the C2 pyramid.  Boring, and unnecessary to the whole of the book.  Go on to Chapter 2, and ignore this drivel of university psycho-speak.

“The Gift of Good Health”, chapter 2, is made up of stories of Cancer detection dogs and experiences of people that are saved by these animals…The author is truly touched by the relationship that people and dogs share.

Some of you readers will no doubt have issue with her views on Raw or BARF diets.  I’ll not take sides here, but be prepared to know that everybody is entitled to an opinion…

The chapter on choosing and using veterinarians is also quite well done, and she gives sound advice on choosing the best for you and your companion.  Again, some will not agree with her on vaccination protocols, but allow her to have her opinion.  Arguing does nothing positive for the situation.  Remember, she’s married to a Veterinarian.

The remainder of the book features, “The Ties that Bind”, and “Canine Contentment”…I will allow you to read these, should you choose to do so, and form what opinion you will.  I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed them.  The author has a beautiful relationship and understanding of the Golden Rule, as it applies to our dogs as family members.  Give the book a read, as I’m sure it will be available in your local library very soon…There’s something to be gained here for each of us, and our dogs…


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