Omorrow German Shepherds…for those of you that don’t already know…

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Nestled in the corn fields and hills north of Mt.Vernon, Ohio is a small farm known as The Omorrow. The farm is the home of the Sellers family, and together they breed German Shepherd dogs that represent the very finest of this noble breed.
Whether you want a loving family pet, a partner for therapy work, or a high-drive canine partner, the Omorrow farm German Shepherds can fulfill your needs. Bred first and foremost for health and temperament, Omorrow German Shepherds will not disappoint in any endeavor. Rhonda Sellers, the experienced owner of Omorrow, has produced a bloodline that reaches back to the ideals of the first German Shepherds bred by Captain Stephanitz. Strong bodies, sharp minds, great health, and willing to serve their owners, Omorrow GSD’s will delight you and your family.  If you are looking to include a German Shepherd to your family, there is an easy way to find out what the Omorrow is all about.  Simply make your way to Facebook via this link:!/omorrow.shepherds

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Facebook page…We are a very warm and welcoming Pack, with just enough craziness to be entertaining.  But we have many members that REALLY know German Shepherds as well…We are ALWAYS learning, sharing, and encouraging each other!  If you have questions, or something positive to share, jump in anytime!!!

Interested in photo’s of GSD’s?  Wow, do we have them!!!  Several Omorrow Pack members are REALLY good with their camera’s, and the page is Jam-packed!  Mike and Hope Lozzio, Dan Gyzinski, Tara Apking, and Kyrie Ransom all take enough photo’s to show you what Omorrow produces!

Allie, a beautiful Omorrow puppy!! You will also be able to access many stories and personal experiences from Omorrow Pack members! Stories that will make you laugh, think, and touch your heart...Aimee Davis and Devin Kinder-King are two of our very talented writers! The German Shepherd is a remarkable dog, that can be so many things! A Worker, Friend, Protector, Personal Psychiatrist, Comforter, Court-Jester...And Omorrow German Shepherds are Extra- Special. If you have the desire for a German Shepherd to join your family, you've found the last stop! Join us at Facebook, and see where the best German Shepherds AND People are waiting!!!"Hans"- Another Omorrow bred boy!