Your puppy’s POTENTIAL…Dream it, Fetch it!!!

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  It’s that time again when a couple of Omorrow German Shepherd litters are ready to find their Forever Homes…The photo’s have been splashed all over the Facebook page, new families have become Pack members, they’ve bonded with fellow litter owners, and many new friendships have been cemented.  Rhonda has been working long hours caring for the pups, and their Moms.  In the Spring puppy season, she sleeps approximately 3 hours per week.  Only God above knows when she finds time to eat and feed Brian, Jordan, and the rest of the two-legged family!!  Not to mention horses, hay-cutting,(coming soon to a field nearby) and the 10,478,381,893 other things she does.  Rumor has it that she left the Omorrow property once for an hour in the 1990’s, but there’s no photographic evidence of such a trip.

  She has bred German Shepherds with her care, love, and determination.  She researches and really thinks about what type of dogs she is producing.  The result is a German Shepherd with Potential…

                                               Now, the responsibility is Yours, as the new guardian of an Omorrow German Shepherd.

   What do you see for your dog in the next year? The next two years?  Ten years?  Maybe you haven’t been able to see past the next months activities, with the big homecoming, and the myriad questions you have about new puppy stuff.  That’s okay, every one of us has been thru the same thing.  Enjoy this time…you will learn about your Omorrow puppy, and you’ll learn some things about yourself as well.  It’s a time for photographs, more photographs, patience, more photographs, more patience, smiles, laughter, and more photographs.  Make sure you take time for each.

But what about your puppy’s future?  Never forget, you are taking a German blessed Shepherd into your family and home.  A “working” dog, with a pedigree and heritage of service and action.  I’m not saying that as a “Warning”, but rather, as “Encouragement”.

You don’t need to make a decision today.  Your dogs potential will always be a part of his/her life.  But, knowing, from the start, what your German Shepherd’s potential is, might make a difference in someone else’s life.  Certainly in your own.  I’m living proof of that fact.  So, what is your dogs potential?

  First, and probably the most important:  Your Omorrow German Shepherd can be the best behaved dog in your neighborhood.  The dog that everyone wishes they owned.  The dog that makes everyone ask you, “Where did you get that dog?”  This will involve training, for you and the puppy.  If you can start with a Puppy trainer, like Tara Apking, wonderful!  If you can’t stand the idea of waiting another 3 weeks without your puppy, (a small investment in your dog’s future) then plan this way.  After a couple of weeks in your home to get comfortable, find a puppy kindergarten.  This is a huge step, not so much for training, but for Socialization with other people and other non-threatening puppies of different breeds.  Your Veterinarian can probably help you find just such a class, usually 3 or 4 hour-long sessions and not expensive.  Socialization for your puppy cannot possibly be over emphasized…

After this initial stage, invest in training that will support your future plans.  If you want a well-behaved dog, 5 or six classes with a good trainer will probably be sufficient.  But DON’T send your dog away for training!!  Be involved and learn how to continue training yourself.  I’m not advocating one training method here, but I encourage a positive method.  You will find the Omorrow Facebook page a wonderful portal to training information.  Check out this link there:!/groups/189506921138283/  These fine people are advocates of “Clicker” or “Marker” training.  They can help you out.  Kyrie, Aimee, and Steve are dedicated practitioners of this method and are becoming very fine Trainers in their own right.  There ARE other methods out there, so don’t close off your options necessarily, if a clicker trainer can’t be located.  But do find a  Positive method.  And be consistent!!!

Suppose you are dreaming beyond “Just a well-behaved Pet”…Congratulations!  Other potential activities for your Omorrow German Shepherd may involve competitive Dog Sports!  Agility is a fast-paced and healthy work-out for both of you!  There are Omorrow GSD’s already pursuing this sport, and will no doubt shine!  What about AKC Obedience competition?  German Shepherds have long been top-rate competitors in Obedience.  Contact your local AKC club for an introduction to this and many other dog sports.  A new Dog sport beginning to sweep the country, is Canine Nosework.  German Shepherds EXCEL at detection work, and man-trailing.  This link will take you to a starting point for this exciting, mentally stimulating sport!

Schutzhund is another very exciting way to play with your dog.  This world renown sport involves obedience, tracking, and protection/attack work.  This is a very demanding sport, physically, and mentally.  For both of you.  Be prepared for a lifetime commitment, and an obsession for some.

  Maybe you see something beyond competition.  Maybe Search & Rescue work…Perhaps Cadaver recovery.  Serious, life-saving work.  You’ll need a great commitment of time and resources with no other compensation than satisfaction at a job well done.  Tracking and Trailing for lost people (Or Pets!) is also well within the Potential of your dog!  All it requires is commitment, determination, and a lot of work!  But the Potential is there within your Omorrow German Shepherd.  And it’s there within those who love German Shepherds…That’s you

Stick around and find out what your new puppy has to offer!!  The Omorrow Pack is here to help!!!



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