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German Shepherd Adventures!

     My wife tells me that I’m a “Pedigree-O-Phile”, which sounds a great deal worse than it should.  She hasn’t quite figured out how I can sit for hours, mining the internet, or paging thru dusty, old, books, just for the purpose of learning about a dog’s lineage.  Maybe you’ve wondered too…

To me, a German Shepherds Pedigree is about much more than Schutzhund titles, Breeding ratings, and Hip (OFA) reports.  While those are certainly the PURPOSE of a Pedigree, they are only the shallowest scratch at what can lie below the surface.   Cameo, a beautiful sable colored Princess of Omorrow, is certainly a grand example of what can be found when you really dig!

Which leads me to one of those Serendipitous moments that I so look forward to in the compiling of these pedigrees.  I found a Cameo ancestor that was an honest to goodness, German Police Service dog! …

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  1. Cheryl Garn says:

    Robert ! ! Great article on “Cami”. Jerry and I are proud parents of Lugar and Cameo’s 1st throw. I see alot of traits in Cami and her line in our “Strider” Nine Dreams of Anduril ! He’s gorgeous, distinctly marked and very instinctive. What a tracker. What a best friend ~ “velcro”. Thanks for the sharing the wonderful history here. ~ Cheryl, Jerry and Strider Garn (PS – how do you leave a thumbnail pic on site ?)