Taking things WAY too seriously…It’s about training your dog, not worshipping God.

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

   I wrestled, no…I amused myself for two hours trying out different titles for this post.  Since my last entry, once again addressing the sad, tired old debate about “Clicker Training” verses virtually everything else in the world, I have received 48 comments to that blog.  Some were very positive, some were negative.  Others were outright nasty, and could not be included owing to language, expletives, and two of them included threats.  From people I don’t know.

Those two were forwarded over to my friends in the Law Enforcement community.  A national database on web-based threats exists and tracks such posts.  As they tell you in grade school, it becomes part of your permanent record. ) Big deal, I know.  They were probably posted from a public use computer somewhere.)  They included e-mail addresses attached and source IP numbers.  They were that serious.  From people who are fighting FOR Clicker-Training, or AGAINST Mr. Cesar Millan.  Un- freaking-believable.

Serious as it was, I decided that it was really just a nightmare that I had.  So having just a little bit more fun, I toyed with titles and endgame scenarios…  Some titles I considered were:   “The Occupy Cesar Movement- Underbelly of the Dog World”.   Or how about: “Clicker Jihad: The Infidels must Feel our Wrath.”       The dream continued with a picture of an Occupy style demonstration…A small, but boisterous group of wild-eyed dog trainers, clickers going madly.  They were wearing shirts that said in large letters:   “IF YOU DON’T CLICK, YOU MAKE ME SICK!!”  (Hey, that’s pretty good.  I could make a mint!  Available soon, $24.99 ea.)

The small but militant mob was chanting something that I couldn’t quite make out at first, but it soon rose to a crescendo…


  Another group started in, somewhat in refrain…”IF YOU WERE SMART…WITH A CLICKER YOU’D START!!!”   (Hey, Those aren’t bad…Those people need me!)

I’m finding it very difficult to believe that a group of people take something fun and wonderful, and turn it into something so serious that they call out their adherents to lambast a blog site that they believe to be ‘…”Cruel, misleading, and criminal…”(L.K., Brewster,Maryland)  What?

  I allowed a couple of comments to stand:           “It’s really too bad that for the Millan followers discipline means at the barrel of the gun which is not discipline at all. Frankly I don’t know of any clicker trainers who include kicking or hanging their dogs as part of their displays of affection.”  -(Italics mine)     Science of Dogs.

Also from that (know doubt) very educated site, this gem of obsequiousness: 

“Punitive action is essential to anybody who uses Millan’s little phrase. It’s from a quote by Mao Zedong ” power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” that’s Millan’s discipline.”

Are you people kidding me?  Mao? 

I know I should leave this alone.  But get over yourselves…You’re just not that important.  Dogs are way too much fun, and bring way too much joy to be caught in the middle of this garbage throwing.  Go your way with my blessing, and keep a tight grip on your little plastic toy.  Let others train as they wish, as they see fit, and how they find success.   

  1. There are extremists attached to every issue, be it parenting, dog training, politics, etc. You’ve got to let it go. Of course, unless someone threatens or violates other’s rights. Glad you reported the threats, Robert. It was a very ironic rant, wasn’t it…………

  2. Robert says:

    I’ve figured it out. Saul Alinsky,author of Rules for Radicals had a dog-training school,funded by George Soros!!! Thats the only reason that someone would invoke Mao!!! LOL!!

  3. Jasmine Dille says:

    Plus, I want mine to do nothing real special but be my friend and second dog. Do what I say, when I say and everything is O.K. I believe a combination of things works. But, like you said, basically what works for you and your dog. Without taking the fun out of it.

  4. Kim Atwell says:

    And as you well know, Robert, I myself use a few of the marker training techniques mixed in with whatever other bits and pieces of any other training techniques that I find work for me and my specific dogs. I’m not a marker trainer, I’m not a Cesar follower. I live with a crazy, energetic, VERY drivey GSD and 3 terriers who all have different personalities (the 12 yr old is a sweetie but JUST learned ‘speak’ and ‘sit’ and it took him the whole 12 years to do it, the 9 yr old is a diva that won’t listen to ANYTHING and the 5 yr old is, for lack of a better word, a possessive jerk but loyal down to the last hair on his head). I train for the basics – I don’t need my dog to do anything ‘special’, I just want my dog to be fun to be around. They all know not to bound out the door all willy nilly, they have yet to master ‘not barking at things they aren’t familiar with’. They’re all good dogs, and that is all I’m really going for.

  5. Kim Atwell says:

    The person that responded to your blog with those comments was….sorry…an idiot. Not indicative of the clicker (marker) trainers I know of. Those people work VERY hard with their dogs and they are good people who love their pets. I never realized there was a ‘crazy faction’ in the clicker community until I read some of those comments. Wow…

    • Jasmine Dille says:

      Well said Kim. I don’t use clicker training, but the people I know who do, like you said work hard and have fun.