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German Shepherd Adventures!

     Many of you are preparing to take in new puppies from Omorrow’s Queen Boudica. 

Bou is a spectacularly colored Liver, with a stately bearing about her…Many of her offspring take this coloration on, and are also well physically conformed.  Her head is especially well proportioned!  What a beauty!

V Una Blue-Iris

Una was born under Germany registry in November 1981.  Note the strong withers and chest on this female!

She accomplished her SchH 1 and was a Kk1, very desirable as a breeder.  She is in fact, tied in with the Von der Weinerau bloodlines…

Now going back to Bou’s Great (x9) Grandsire, Una’s Sire we find Axel von der Hainsterbach.  His Description reads in German: Sehr ausdrucksvoll, harmonisch, mittelgroß. Gute Oberlinie, gute Kruppe, sehr gut gewinkelte Vor- und Hinterhand, korrekte Front. Gänge kraftvoll, weit ausgreifend, von vorn und hinten gesehen gerade. Mut und Kampftrieb ausgeprägt. WA 80: Viel Harmonie.  The English translation has a poetic quality to it.

Very expressively, harmoniously, medium-sized.  Good waiter line, good Kruppe, very…

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