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German Shepherd Adventures!

Queen Boudica has thus far given us an exciting look thru the history of German Shepherds.  Among her ancestors are Schutzhund titled dogs, PH-Polizeihund (East German Police dogs) and MH- Army Messenger Dogs!  One of these Messenger dogs is our next link to History:  VA Baldur vom Befreiungsplatz. His Pedigree proudly bears the MH title indicating his military career. Baldur was born 19 March 1937, evidently in Germany.  Many German shepherds were “drafted” into military service from the farms and fields of Germany.  Very likely, Bou’s ancestor, Baldur, was either confiscated or bred into the service.  As horrific as the history of Nazi Germany is, the military seems to have treated GSD’s as matters of pride, and cared for them.  Notice this example of the Gas/Chemical Mask manufactured for Messenger Dogs:

These photo’s were obtained thru the Military War Dogs museum.  Even though they appear somewhat primitive, they were every bit as effective as the ones the soldiers…

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