The Nobel Breed.

Posted: May 23, 2012 in German Shepherd

In researching pedigree’s and the history of German Shepherds, I am sometimes blessed with Serendipity.  I will find the unexpected in the unexplored place, the unexamined and the unexplained.  While on one such sojourn just recently, I discovered a poetic ode to our dear companion the German Shepherd.  I wish to share with all of you, in hopes that its Author may be revealed to receive the accolades so deserved…


I saw a glimmering vision
It took my breath away
’twas the silhouette of a shepherd
More regal than words can say

The beams of light they danced
on a coat of endless black
A vision of perfection
Atop an iron back

He stood there like a statue
for all the world to see
What a vision of perfection
The German shepherd can be

The look of a noble prince
Lord of all he surveys
Confident in himself
Eyes fixed in aristocratic gaze

Never shall I forget
The vision I saw that day
Of the mighty shepherd
Who took my breath away

Photo By   Rachel Lauren- Johnstown, Ohio

  1. Cheryl Garn says:

    Great poem ! Your GSD has grown so Beautiful !! ~ … and for those of us that are blessed enough to experience having even just one or two of these regal sentry dogs in our lives – observes that “stand and poise and grace” before us – everyday ! It stops me beyond the frolic of “puppy love” and reminds me – there really IS more to this companion, this German Shepherd breed than a person can describe to the casual admirer. There seems to be constant contemplation in their eyes, with their weights & measures, their dedications, and their obvious intelligence. I turn my gaze away for just a minute to find my “Strider” suddenly standing ridgid, chest out, ears erect, legs in that position decades of breeding enhanced and YES , I find him fixed on something only he can detect and it always makes me think … “Aren’t you glad he’s made you a member of HIS pack?” – Lucky me, for I am loved ! ~ cmcg