A brief but very important post.  This week I received a short book purchased thru Amazon that has really shocked me.  In the last several weeks, the Omorrow pack witnessed the end results of a tragic medical error involving vaccinations.  A dear, sweet, German Shepherd named Smokey paid the price for what can be called a “Clerical” error.  The ultimate price.

We’ve always debated, questioned, and wondered about vaccinations for our dogs.  Most of us are “minimalist” when it comes to them, getting only what is absolutely necessary.  My friend Aimee Davis is Smokey’s owner, along with her partner Joe.  Since the awful situation, they have set out to try and fight these mistakes.  They’ve been researching alternatives feverishly.  And several of us have joined them.  I want to share an important resource that I found.


Stop The Shotsis not long, 102 pages.  But the author, John Clifton, has simplified and explained the most salient points in the debate.  The book is inexpensive.  Please check it out for the sake of your dog.

For you Smokey…




  1. Wendy Rogers says:

    Please support the Rabies Challenge Fund http://www.rabieschallengefund.org/