My recent post on anthropomorphism of, and awareness in dogs garnered some interesting responses.  It seems that the people who really fear applying some level of “humanity”  to their dog, are the scientists who write books on not anthropomorphizing their dog!  This is encouraging and I will continue to develop the subject as it pertains to cynopraxic training and the Communicative Approach.

First, follow this link to a touching and surprising video of a Yellow Labrador Retriever, and a small boy of about 3 years old.  The toddler has Down Syndrome.

If you can watch the actions and the focus of this canine on this young boy and still feel that the dog is just a dumb animal without “awareness”, then please go read a blog about college basketball or something else equally banal.  There is no hope for you.

I’m not going to get heavy-handed writing about this…words are unnecessary to explain the expressions on both faces in the video, and the repeated progress of this beautiful four-legged soul to interact with the child.  Watch it.  Understand that we are living with a being that was intended to be by our side by design of a supreme intelligence.

In conclusion of this post, I want to give a nod to the National Down Syndrome Society for the work it does.  Take a small detour to their website here,

It may be a learning experience for you, but it will be a positive one, I promise.  My research on canine behavior and abilities is partially motivated by these special kids, and their families.

With thanks and applause for my friend Justin Becker…Who shows all who know him how to love everyone without bias… you are a beautiful soul that just happens to have Down syndrome.

  1. Kim Atwell says:

    One of my friends has a daughter who is 13 and has Downs. Their pit bull, Coco, is AWESOME with Brenna! Coco senses a special heart in Brenna and it’s amazing to watch them together.