“Don’t Give In, Don’t Give Out, Don’t Give Up…”

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

  I’ve seen a disturbing trend on Facebook recently that is plaguing various Canine trainers, as well as some of the best Breeders in the business…I feel the need to offer some encouragement, and a dose of “go ahead, make my day”, attitude.

Some  of us have fallen victim to attacks from others on Facebook.  The attacks may come from pimply-faced adolescents just out for their idea of sophomoric fun…they may be from idiots trying to gain something from us, like a reputation for themselves as an expert.  Some of the problem is from those with a militant disagreement regarding our chosen method of training dogs.  They have a search and destroy mentality that they mistakenly believe will sway the dog-world to the method they support.  Others may be doing it because they have the mis-placed notion that certain well known individuals in the industry are the Devil incarnate.  Still others seek to damage the reputation of Good, honest, hard-working canine professionals.  The modus operandi usually stems from jealousy of success achieved by the victim.  They might even be local competition for business.  Some of my acquaintances that are being bullied are writers that have achieved something by being published…The attackers are generally wanna-be’s that seek attention by dragging other writers down…Other victims are Breeders that are working hard to improve and maintain the various breeds that they love.  These are usually attacked by the militant parts of Rescues that would spay/nueter every living dog, thus wiping out the species.  Such people are unreasonable, and unthinking.  Others, sadly, are just Morons with personal vendetta’s that have niether rhyme nor reason.  They’re just sorry human beings.

  But I’m not addressing those groups today.  I’m aiming this post at those of you that are ready to abandon Facebook and other social media because it’s such a hassle.

Don’t Give Up!!!  You trainers that are working with dogs successfully, no matter your methodology, are doing a GOOD work.  We may not all agree with one another, but the professional support we can give and receive each other is powerful!  I believe that eventually, a common ground CAN be achieved between open-minded trainers.  This will benefit the dogs.  LOOK actively for the good in those you may not entirely agree with, be fully prepared to explain your OWN method and reasoning, and do so in a professional manner.  Shun those that are unable or unwilling to learn from others, and understand the ‘whys’.  If people want to flame others, you administrators, GET RID OF THEM!!!  If a page is set up to cause others problems, don’t “Like” them, and allow them to vanish on their own. 

For those of you Breeders that are working long hours, making very little profit, but improving the breed, KEEP UP YOUR CALLING.  It is a Noble thing to examine the past of a breed, and say, “I’m going to continue that tradition, and uphold the breed for what it was formed.” You are doing GOOD work that will last, hopefully for generations.  Many of you take great pains to find Good people to place your puppies with, so that there are responsible owners that commit to giving a good dog a proper home.  Don’t allow those that would screw around on the internet and try to ruin your reputation with half-truths, outright lies, and personal attacks.  Surround yourself with good people that you know personally, and they will support you when the attacks come.  But don’t give up!!!! 

Sadly, Facebook and social media are a part of life now, and into the foreseeable future.  They are a Great way to meet people of like mind and goals.  We would all be lessened had we not met other Dog-people from all over the globe.  Facebook makes that possible.  Personally speaking, were it not for Facebook, I would never have met such influential canine people as Rhonda at Omorrow GSD’s, Karen from SentinalHarts GSD’s, Kevin and Cheryl Goede in Missouri, Denine Phillips, Suzanne Clothier, Angie Winters, Sacha Bontrager and host of others that I don’t mean to leave out…We need you to stick around and continue to help people with their dogs.  You will have enemies unfortunately…Putting ourselves out there opens that possibility.  But those you help will outnumber them by thousands.

  I, for one, am going to stay, and do my best to help those that would ask me for help!

  1. Toni wolfe says:

    Well said! If it wasn’t for Facebook I would not have my great puppy! And of course lots of new wonderful friends!

  2. Michael Lozzio says:

    Great job Robert . Well said

    • Bren says:

      I received this link from a friend because of what I went through from a (ex-friend) and over my leaving two breeds. I sure wish I had known about this link two years ago. But then again I believ things happen for a reason and I would not be where I am today if things hadn’t happened the way they did. Here is to the success of “THE GOOD BREEDERS AND PEOPLE IN DOGS!”