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I did not write the little gem I am about to share with you…Apparently nobody is sure who wrote it.  I found it on Psychology Todays website, specifically in the blog of Mr. Lee Charles Kelley, blogger, dog-trainer, and genius.  Check out his blog at Psychology Today.  He’s been ticking off +R trainers for several years and he’s brilliant!  Anyway, he’s not even sure who wrote this poem, but he used it as an introduction in one of his books.  I’m sharing it here, just because it made me laugh, and I hope it does you too!!!


“The Meeting of the Dogs”

The dogs they had a meeting.
They came from near and far.
Some of them came by Greyhound bus
while others came by car.

The purpose of their meeting?
To fill the world with glee
and put a brand new puppy
under ev’ry Christmas tree.

But a special hall was rented,
and the landlord did declare
he didn’t want the dogs just running ’round
and pooping ev’rywhere.

So before inside that rented hall
the dogs could even look
they had to take their hineys off
and hang them on a hook.

Then once inside the meeting —
ev’ry mother, son and sire —
some cat, dressed in a dog suit,
began to holler, “Fire!”

They all rushed out, that pack of dogs.
They had no time to look
and see which type of hiney
they grabbed off its little hook.

They got their hineys all mixed up.
It really made ’em sore,
to have to wear a hiney
they’d never worn before.

Then, once the chaos ended,
so did the dogs’ grand scheme,
and kids who’d dreamed of fuzzy pups
were left with just a dream.

It’s also why you’ll see a dog
give up a juicy bone,
to go and sniff a hiney,
to see if it’s his own.


Told you it was funny!!!  funny-dogs-sniffing-butt

  1. Wendy says:

    That’s awesome! Loved reading it!