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Posted: March 7, 2013 in At Home with dogs., Canine Well-Being, Choosing a German Shepherd., Dog training Research & Development, German Shepherd

The reason that I began writing “German Shepherd Adventures” originally, involved wanting to share my experiences with my German Shepherd “Hans”.  Our training, our lives together, my mistakes, our triumphs , and everything in between.  The blog began to take shape as my experience grew in training technique, veterinary issues and advice, and learning what people enjoyed reading.  At the end of one year online, I had approximately 1100  subscribers.  I was thrilled, and feedback from you, my readers, was hugely positive.  During the next twelve months, I began my own personal war on Operant Conditioning/Clicker Training.  Every time I wrote about the subject, daily readership exploded.  Some of the response was quite negative, if not hostile.  Overwhelmingly though, response was positive.  My belief is that the OC/Clicker trainers are a much smaller minority than they would have us believe.  They just yell louder than the rest of us…But I digress.

During year two, my readership blossomed to over 15,000!!!  This was owing to, I hope, my development of the Communicative Approach to Training Theory.  I was beginning to get requests for advertising space on the blog, (which I’m pursuing in a limited fashion.)  Requests were being made for permission to re-blog posts, and I managed to sell several enhanced posts for publication in print.  “German Shepherd Adventures”  was becoming a presence on the Web, and I was waking up to the possibilities.  Requests for reviews of books and equipment were also coming to me, and I was only too happy to oblige.  By the beginning of year 3, I felt that I had a comfortable place to write, report, review, teach, learn, cajole, and piss-off, and generally amuse myself, if not my readers.  I crossed over 30,000 subscribers…Way beyond my expectations.

That’s generally where complications arise.

Some of the latest requests that I was receiving didn’t blend into the vision that I have for this blog.  One of the e-mails I got went like this:  “…If you would use the reach of your blog, we could get a whole lot of Rescue Dogs into forever homes…buying puppies from breeders is irresponsible. ”  There were 23 requests to post individual dogs or Rescue organizations in the month of January 2013 alone.

  The other groups that were begging me to spread their message were the Spay/  organizers.  “…Please refrain from writing about breeders, and give more time to rescues, and the benefits of Spaying/neutering.  Be a responsible writer, and we will support your growing readership.  Surely, you can see what the “Right Thing to do” involves.  We must stop breeders to save lives…”  I have so many of these messages that I block some of them into the Spam box, to disappear without being read. 

  Don’t misunderstand my intent here.  I do support the local rescues and shelters, mainly by volunteering my time. I offer training, playtime, and cleaning for as many of these dogs as I can, and gladly do so.    I don’t support the National Humane Society or ASPCA financially, because just a little research will prove that these organizations are cleverly hidden agents of radical special interest groups that need cash to support an entirely different agenda.  Do your own research…I may write about this later, but for now it’s a subject needing more investigation.  Suffice it to say that some well-meaning people are being used to further nefarious endeavors involving your freedoms.

My is refusal is also guided by the ubiquitous presence of the posts on Facebook of rescues, spay/neuter, and the like.  Groups like the German Shepherd Dog Community, run by Cheryl Goede, have become a tour de force for the rescue community.!/TheGSDC?fref=ts

I congratulate Cheryl, and what she is accomplishing there.  With well over 300,000  followers, nobody is doing it better.  When a dog is local to me, I’ll help if I can.  Congratulations Cheryl and company!!!

Another blogger that is doing wonderful and informative work in behalf of rescues and shelter dogs is Aimee Davis at:

She is becoming an informative source for rescues and  these deserving dogs.  She’s including stories of both success and failure in a fresh voice, including her own photography.  If anybody is on the frontlines of the rescue efforts, it’s Aimee.  Give her blog a like and support her work.  Nice work Aimee!!!

One other consideration is my lack of experience in adopting rescue dogs.  My dogs come from a top-notch breeder of German Shepherds.  My dogs are trained for Work…My time is limited to working with dogs that have proven blood lines for that work.  While it is possible to find such a dog in a shelter/rescue, it is a crap-shoot at best.  My focus has to be on known entities for our work to be dependable.

I hope this explanation takes the tone I intend.  I publish it for those of you that have asked me to join the cause, and not understood why I haven’t.  I support you, but the mission and focus of  “German Shepherd Adventures” is on a separate tangent.  Hopefully you can understand my feelings, and stick around, because I’m just starting to get cranked up here…

My next post, part 2 of this subject, will address the Spay/Neuter Community and it’s agenda.  Few on the internet have published both sides of the issue, and I hope to provide a resource for those of you trying to decide…

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