Things the Dog Taught Me…Just “Be”. The Communicative Approach.

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There are times when I watch my dogs and try to imagine what they are thinking.  Ears back, eyes closed, a deep sigh.  Ears pricked straight up, eyes like lasers, a slight whine.  Flat out laying on the grass completely supine mentally and physically.  Ready to pounce at the instant I produce a ball, intending to throw it so that their energy can find fulfillment…The dog you live with, is an incredibly… simple creature.  But in that simplicity is a real command of Living…

I consider it an unrelenting truth that our dogs reflect us like mirrors of mood, emotion, and mental state.  They become us by proxy, and we affect every minute of their day.  Now, I believe that it’s time to allow myself to become  a mirror of my dogs mood and mental state, for my own good.

Like so many people, or maybe all people, I am physically affected by the stresses and pressures of life.  Our lives are busy in an unprecedented manner, with jobs, families, school, worship, and the myriad of responsibilities that are all too common to the human condition.  We choose to make these responsibilities even more palpable by the inclusion of an electronic array of devices that society tell us are necessary and even vital.  Cell phones that demand we answer them, “Right blessed now!”  whether it be another person or a text message.   I-phones with complete access to every form of communication known to man. ” Check the Weather!  Check the Market!  See My kid at Soccer! Look at the cute kitty on Facebook!”  The cacophony of distractions is varied and undeniable.

We enter our homes, our cars, our offices, our recreation, with phones, Ipads, Kindles, notebooks and other assorted electronica firmly clutched in our sweaty hands, reluctant to disconnect from knowing what someone we “friended” had for lunch.  Many of us can’t even operate a motor vehicle without the ridiculous panoply of Iphone, navigation, I-this and I-that robbing us of the attention required to aim a 3000 lbs bullet safely at 70 mph.  Some have even paid for this necessity with their lives or others.  Look around for someone of 25 years of age or under without a sweaty ear-bud inserted, spewing out racket at 140 decibel.  It’s harder than you think…

It’s not uncommon for us to have televisions in every room in the house, including the bathroom.  All of this noise and “information” overload, is killing us.  Or at the least, driving us toward a psychotic episode.  That’s where the dogs enter the picture…


Your dogs mind and heart are capable of something that humans seem to fight.  Contentment.  Tranquility. Focus. Satisfaction with what it has, not yearning for something it doesn’t need.

I’m told that dogs seldom have high blood pressure.  How many humans can say that truthfully?  True, dogs have stresses of their own to deal with, but they’re usually from a human source ignoring the dogs being.

Dogs flow through life…They accept what they cannot,( or do not know they can) change.  They content themselves with the warmth of their social group,  or even find comfort in the solace of aloneness.  Dogs are blissfully unaware of the political and social issues that swirl about them.  They have no idea what CNN is, who Rachel Maddow or Rush Limbaugh are, and they care not one whit about gay marriage.  The only quality they care about in humans is the one that takes care of them properly.  Dogs don’t care if you are a vegan, if you support the second amendment, or if you are a progressive/socialist. They don’t have Twitter feeds or hash-tags.  They don’t have Facebook pages or blogs unless a meddling human sets it up.  They have more important things on their minds, like, “who’s going to feed me supper?”  Who’s going to throw this ball for me?” Is my Mom or Dad on the way home yet?”  They are focused on important things, not what others say is important.

I’m going to be more like my dogs…for my own well-being.  Unplug, stop worrying about what idiots are saying about useless issues,  sit in the grass in the sunshine on a spring day, romp in the mud because it’s fun, play like somebody left the gate open.  I’m going to master just focusing on whats really  important.  I’m going to imitate my dogs and learn to “Be”…


  1. Debbie Greco says:

    love this! Great thoughts to start a weekend

  2. angiewinters says:

    REALLY good post Robert! Enjoyed much!

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