The Aftermath- “Why There Will Always Be Back Yard Breeders.”

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I was quite shocked at the reaction to my last post.  Overwhelmed to say the least.  It was easily the biggest 24 hour period in the history of the blog, and I’m grateful, if surprised.  Truth be told, I had put off posting “Why There Will Always Be Back Yard Breeders” for 2 weeks, thinking that the piece wasn’t going to interest anyone.  It also felt like I was missing some pertinent viewpoint, a statement that covered the every angle…In that last point, posting was the catalyst for clarity.  I had seen the tip of the iceberg, but there was much more below the surface, waiting.  Thanks to the messages on the Blogsite, and the very active discussion on Facebook, I believe we can further the discussion in positive, and upbuilding ways.

The post was intended to start a discussion founded on cooperation, understanding of other viewpoints, and a realization that we all have different reasons for owning dogs.  For the most part, I think I accomplished that in some small way.  Still, I also found those who read everything thru a certain prism of their own preconceived notion, no matter how diplomatically it is written.  Which is unfortunate, because these are the people that cause the problems within the community…

There were a couple of issues I deeply want to refute.  One individual thought that I was taking an “elitist” attitude towards “Back Yard Breeders” and even referred to me as “arrogant”.  Wow…Back Up the dog-sled Kellie Ann.  My use of the term “Back Yard Breeder” is for the generally known terminology.  I didn’t coin it, and it’s recognized by most.  I didn’t define “Back Yard Breeder” as anything negative OR positive…It’s simply a generic term in use by many.  There are many fine dogs produced by breeders that limit to a single litter per year or less, and they could be labeled as such should you choose to do so…

One other thing, NEVER did I say that you must pay any set amount for a “Good” dog.  I have met GSD’s that were very fine specimens for free.  I have met $15000.00 dogs that I wouldn’t own because they were not well-bred.  I never value anything based on monetary concerns.  Or amounts.  Please, people READ what was written without preconceived ideas of what I “might” write.  I’m fairly clean and understandable.  I also believe that I have a good grasp of how to be neutral, and inviting.  This is based on my exceptional ability to BE Opinionated and xenophobic to the extreme.

There was also a post that insinuated that I was dismissing of the AKC registered dog.  Again, a supposition that is patently untrue.  What was expressed was that it’s very easy to tell AKC anything you want, and have a printed pedigree.  They offer NO details of health, hips, or anything else on said pedigree.  But they are trusted by many who are know no better.  For the time being, the AKC is the best record keeping we have in the USA.  Don’t put words in my mouth Kellie Ann.  Thank you…

There were a couple of others that chose to take cheap shots at certain specific breeders.  These are people that have individual and often unsubstantiated beefs with said breeders.  Mostly due to their own ignorance, or seeking to elevate another breeder.  This was NOT the place for it, nor is Facebook.  I have reported those posts and taken them off their respective posts.  These are the very types of things that cause so many problems that we are trying to address.  “V.M.”, YOU are not helping.  Grow Up.


I cannot thank you all for the vastly overwhelming positive discussion enough.  Even when you disagreed with me, or questioned something, you were NICE.  You Joined a Discussion in a positive way, and CONTRIBUTED.  Believe it or not, over 41,000 of you.  That’s a huge deal for me, and I’m grateful for all of the shares, and especially for all the new FRIEND requests that I have, and the new Followers here.  I want to mention a few by name…

My new Friend Lila Bauwens.  Your calm demeanor and wonderful thoughtful words are inspiring!

Terry Maxwell, your story touched a heartstrings, but made a powerful point!!

Lydia Campbell!!  YOU are exactly the type of person that deserves to have whatever dogs come into your life, because I KNOW they will be loved, cared for, and happy.  Your story of your 3 made my day!  Thank you!

LM Duke- Your quiet wisdom and experience made my day!

There are many others!!!  Thank you all!

Now that the discussion is started, I’m researching my next two posts.  They will be entitled:       ” Why Breeders Breed. ”      and     “Why Rescuers Rescue”.     I look forward to your input!!



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