Emerging Artists: Parisa Jahangiri

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German Shepherd Adventures is  always  looking for talented artists in the canine kingdom.  Probably because, as much as I love painting, drawing, sculpture, and whatever other medium there may be, I have absolutely zero ability artistically.  I can talk intelligently about art, and you might even think I know what I’m talking about…But I couldn’t draw flies if I was covered in a really nasty substance.  (This is a family blog)  So when I find an artist that is deserving to be seen, enjoyed,  and encouraged, I grab them up and report on them asap…Parisa is a unique young lady.  When I saw her work for the first time, I anticipated a trained Artiste’ with the prerequisite discipline and formal education.  Maybe even a little ego thrown in for good measure!  What I found thru this interview was simply this:  Parisa LOVES DOGS, especially working German Shepherds in Schutzhund.  She draws for the joy of creating a record of her dog, and others.  She has recently begun taking commissions, but she’s not doing it to get rich.  My conclusion is that she doesn’t yet realize what a wonderful artist she truly is, and yet will be.  This was a refreshing interview to do…it felt like talking to a young lady that just loves her dog.  If anyone is commercializing her, it’s me.  But I’m content to let you see her work, and decide for yourself.  She will choose her own path, and be happy with it.  One thing is sure, there will be German Shepherd by her side forever!   Parisa, just don’t forget to share your artistic gift with all of us!!   Please enjoy meeting Parisa, and consider supporting her talent by (Shameless plug alert!)  commissioning something for yourself and your family to enjoy!


    GSA – When did you begin drawing such wonderful dogs?

    Parisa – I just recently started drawing dogs in the beginning of this summer! I used to draw before, and went to a couple art schools but my main focus was drawing the human body and I had never experience drawing any animal. I basically was self taught with that!

    GSA–  When did you begin working with dogs?

    Parisa – I never really owned a dog before. I used to work as a groomer at my friends, mom’s pet store/grooming salon!  My boyfriend actually got me to like dogs and really learn about them. He owns a lab mix, and a malamute shepherd mix. I loved that they would always get me up early in the morning and keep me staying active. I also loved the unconditional love they gave me, along with their non-judgmental eyes. I became attached to how, no matter what I looked like or how i was feeling that day, their love for me never would change and I would always have a friend. I started to become obsessed with them, that I began to research more about dogs and started to teach myself more about them! I immediately fell in love with the German Shepherd breed and their drive and dedication to their owners. I learned about all the sports and stuff they could do and began searching for the right coloring I wanted. I fell in love with the all black one and told myself if one ever came across my path that it was ment to be!

    GSA– Which came first, loving dogs or loving art?

    Parisa – I liked drawing but since owning a dog it has sparked my interest and love for both dogs and art at the same time. i really enjoy drawing german shepherds and fall in love with every piece i finish!

    GSA – What medium do you prefer to work in? How long does a single work take you to do on average?

    Parisa – I love working with pencil on hard stock paper! Usually takes me around three hours or more. I have realized I do German shepherds a lot quicker then other breeds!

    GSA– What artists inspire or motivate you?

    Parisa –  I dont really have a specific artist that inspire me or motivate me more then my actual dogs do, every time I look at Onyx (my gsd) it makes me want to work 100 times harder and she makes me finish it all quicker! I really enjoy working on my art in my backyard while watching my pups romp around.

    GSA – What Dog trainers inspire you? Are you partial to GSD’s in your work?

    Parisa –  Police K9 handlers/trainers inspire me a lot when I work with my dog. Seeing them work so hard on the news finding people, rescuing them, or simply protecting their handlers makes me feel so proud to own one! I absolutely love drawing GSDs, i tend to finish them alot quicker, but i love drawing any other breed as equally as I do when I draw GSDs

    GSA– Tell me about Onyx! What a beautiful GSD! (I’m partial to Black myself)
    Parisa- Oh! Onyx is my baby! she is the first puppy I have ever owned and raised from being just a month and a half! I first was researching a lot of the GSD for quite some time and fell in love with looking at pictures of the all black ones. they are gorgeous and seem so flawless in pictures, also quite majestic looking too! I told myself if I ever came across one I would get it no matter what! On my way to work I noticed a cardboard sign posted on a pole, it said Purebred, all black, German shepherd. I knew it was a sign and made plans to go see them after work. She was the only one available. She was actually the first pick of the litter, but the day I went to go and see her she became available again because the person who wanted her before got deployed. When I arrived the owners let the mom and dad out first, they were both beautiful a perfect! I fell in love with them immediately before seeing the puppies. As soon as they brought them out I see all these black fuzz balls running around. all of them had floppy ears except for one little stinker! That little stinker was the one picking on all the puppies and testing out the mama dog. I kept trying to figure out which one was going to be my girl. That little stinker kept barking and pulling tails and nipping at any ankle walking past her. Then I see her get picked up and handed to me. I knew it was love at first sight! I tried to cuddle her and give her some kisses on her fuzzy neck and she bit my ear and ripped my earring out! but I didn’t care! she had the drive I wanted! SHE WAS PERFECT!!!! Now she is a year and two months old and still has the drive and craziness from when I first met her!

    GSA – What are your goals for the dogs and your work?
    Parisa- My goal is to hopefully become a volunteer dog handler for search and rescue, or do anything that involves my dog! I would also like to open up my own GSD rescue in California, and a sanctuary for the unwanted ones.

    GSA – Do you have any formal art training?
    Parisa– No I am just a self taught artist! I taught myself all the technique that I use now!

    GSA – Who has influenced you with your Schutzhund work?
    Parisa-  I first fell in love when watching cops training their K9 when they would do demonstrations at my school. then as I got older I would always watch them on you tube and follow various blog that would post about the training. then I found one for Onyx to try out in Idaho, and on her first day she got to bite a sleeve and had a full bite on it as soon as she first saw it! She did awesome! Everyone in the class was impressed with her work and looked forward to having her back!

    GSA -Tell us about your Dog History! (First dog, first working dog, first training experience, is your family involved with dogs)

    Parisa – My family is not much of a dog family. Onyx has been my first dog, and first working dog for me. I’ve never dealt with a dog with so much drive and didnt know anyone to who has experienced dog that is like her. SO everything I have taught her and trained her to do was all on my own until she was 9 months old and I started Schutzhund with her. I am always involved in training with her on my own too, whether it would be basic obedience at home or public obedience. She is the type of dog with endless energy and a strive to always please! She goes EVERYWHERE with me and we are rarely without each other. I live on my own in Idaho but am now moving back in with my parents in California, to save some money and focus on Onyx and I. So now my parents are going to have to be dog people! wish us LUCK!!

    GSA –  I have very little doubt that we’ll be seeing you…Either on a Winners Platform with Onyx by your side, or having your art published and displayed proudly by dog owners and sponsors!  Probably both!!!  Anything else that explains your passion for dogs and art?

    Parisa – Here is my favorite quote that relates alot with my drawing and passion for dogs:

    “Until you have bred dogs and have drawn and painted them, it is difficult to realize that no two are identical in conformation. You need do no more than gun for a day over two of them to recognize that each is an individual. It requires the intimacy of daily living with a dog to know the subtle quality of his mind, the ham-smell of his ears, and that his wet nose in your mouth tastes salty.”

    by George Bird Evans

    For more work and details….http://www.parisajahangiriart.com/default.html


    Work in progress.

    Work in progress.

  1. Christine and Phantom says:

    Fantastic article. Parisa is an extremely gifted and talented lady whose soul shines through her art.

  2. She is such an amazing artist and obviously a beautiful soul! I hope she goes far 🙂