Are You a “Doer?” Or a “Whiner”? Dog People.

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Imagine two people watching a house burn down.  The first one says, “Hey! That House is burning down!!  Somebody do something!!”.  The second person, without hesitation, charges toward the building, shouting as he runs, “Call the Fire Department!  I’m going in to help!”.

One of those people is a hero.  The other person is…well, come up with your own word.  Suffice it to say, they will be absolutely no help because they want somebody else to accomplish what they feel needs to be accomplished in as big a hurry as possible.

Sadly, this happens in the dog world all the time, and if we can begin to recognize it, we can end it once and for all.

Once again, I find fertile soil on Facebook.  The German Shepherd Dog Community is quite arguably the most visited and visited  page there.  The creator and owner is Cheryl Goede, a dog handler, trainer, mother, wife, and all around good egg.  I don’t envy her role as the Big Cheese on that page of nearly half a blessed million people.  They can be testy, and argumentative.  Happy and encouraging.  Pissy and whiney.  Sometimes all in the same thread!!!!  One thing is certain, those people are divided into those who DO, and those who believe that someone else should be the DOER.  Sadly, the division is along certain lines that need to make peace and co-exist in a manner more productive..

This post was born as the argument raged about posting pictures of badly abused dogs, on the page.  First of all, we are all against any such abuse of any dog (or cat, or hamster, or any other creature)  Aren’t we?  The people… no… the demons spawn that do such things to helpless dogs, don’t hang around these sites celebrating their animals like the rest of us do.  They hide in dank, stinking, cellars and sheds doing what they do…achieving whatever sick and perverted pleasure that they derive from being So who’s arguing?

The two groups break roughly into the committed Rescuers, and those who just want to see other people’s German Shepherds in positive situations.  The Rescuers, (admittedly a very general description, NOT meant as an insult) want to see the photographs of every abused animal, no matter how horrifying.  They feel that this type of shock quality is the fodder that will press people into taking action against this admitted abomination.  The other half, although willing to report and offer aid to any of these abused animals, would prefer to keep the graphic and nauseating photo’s off the page.

I have two salient points that I would like to offer.  From the Point-of-View of one that thinks these images do no good:  Isn’t it just a bit more than possible that such Sick Miscreants hover around these pages just for the purpose of seeing people react to their atrocities??  These people treat such displays as pornography, and the displaying of them just encourages such behavior to continue!!!  Don’t let them enjoy seeing everyone carry on about their handy work!!!  You’re only feeding their desire to be famous!!!  And you know what?  If they get a reaction one time, the next time they’ll be forced to do something worse…These types of mental aberrations only get worse with notoriety.  Displaying the photos plays right into their twisted desires.  Again, to quote the inimitable Pogo Possum, “We have seen the enemy and he is us.”  Stop these sicko’s in their path by NOT rewarding them with attention.

My second point is this:  Why do some always feel that it’s someone else’s responsibility to take action?  The argument on GSDC began because a few thought that these pictures being banned from that page was an affront to the cause.  Why can’t we all just take responsibility to ourselves, and take action?  Why should somebody else always have to be the spear point of your cause?  You know why, right?  Because people are lazy…

Somebody posted that this,  “This page has the potential to be a powerful force in advocating for animal welfare, as well as raising awareness AND funds for abused and neglected animals. It just seems a waste to relegate this page to the status of a virtual bulletin board for happy people to post cute pictures of their doggies.”

There were other similar comments suggesting that this particular FB page was irresponsible for not posting such photo’s, and using the power of its readership to fight THEIR fight for them.  Well guess what?  Setting up a Facebook page to support whatever cause celebre’ you can think of is as easy as…well, setting up a Facebook page!!!  Why won’t people get off their whiney hineys and take action.  Be the Change They Seek.  Create your own powerhouse of a site that dedicates itself to the defense of abused animals!!!!  NOBODY is standing against you, and it’s my sincere belief that many will support your page with whatever info you believe works.  Not every page is suited to that type of display, and you have no right to demand that type of change for them.  GO!  Create such a page and do GOOD work in behalf of the abused animals.  We all support the idea, and you just may find that you possess the power and the ability to create the change We all want to see!!!

In conclusion, we are all on the same side in this issue.  Lets make peace, and get to work on what needs to happen, TOGETHER.

  1. Cheryl G. & "Strider 9 Dreams of Anduril" says:

    As a constant rescuer of neighborhood stray cats & dogs who roam aimlessly through our woods and yards, I am a devout [Omorrow] “GSD” owner and although others may not be, I would hope all who love any kind of dog (or any creatures) would agree, cruelty to helpless animals is just beyond the pale !! You have to know those who want us to help them “do” something about it MUST have a sympathtic audience to raise awareness ! I believe the lion’s share of us would rather NOT have our pleasant “puppy” thoughts marred with cold truths & the horrible visuals which illustrates what “really” does happen to these animals. In this very shiny, polished, commercial-like persona of all that is “right & safe with our pet-smart world,” of course, lies this dark underbelly of unspeakable things. If those who want our attention to combat this horror establish their own web page AND provide links on every “happy” pet site – would you or I visit it? More importantly, would we spend our valuable time and/or money to help them? I don’t think there is a limit on parking spaces in cyberspace, but it is a massive lot and where you “park” is important. Should the “truth tellers” just go away and leave us alone? If you could have 365 sunny days, would you give half of them for rain-thirst & storm-clouded days in their stead? It is ironic we especially celebrate GSD’s for their intelligence, courage, devotion and amazing ability to watch over the safety of their keepers. So I have an idea… picture “your” own precious dog trapped in one of those situations ! (makes your throat close & your heart race just thinking about it…) Why don’t we look into our beautiful pet’s lovingly eyes and ask them what we should do. ~ Certainly, there must be something…

    • Robert says:

      I, and many others, are empathetic towards this cause. In the next few days I will be posting about a “Rescue” that I’ve been involved with for two weeks now. Don’t assume that those of us that would prefer to NOT see graphic photo’s of abused animals are hiding from the “truth”. The fact is, many of us have just seen our fill of such material, and we need no further reminder that such evil exists. Many of us, myself included, are DOING our part quietly, and quite effectively. I applaud anyone that is helping these defenseless animals. But, as I stated, I believe it is just feeding these “Abusers” the glory and attention that many of them seek. They see everyone rallying around some truly disturbing images that they caused, and they get the reaction of their own sick satisfaction. We can’t feed these types of denegerates by posting their handywork on every dog page and hoping for results. It just doesn’t work. Posting pleas for help are fine, but link to the photo’s if you must. Again, I have open and beaming admiration for those involved in rescue work, but the methods that some use, may very well be working against what they seek to accomplish. Often because of the “Do something FAST” atmosphere around these situations. Many won’t even READ posts with these photo’s, scrolling by as fast as they can. You will get more eyes on the page, if the page is pallatable, without the shock effect of a dog who’s face has been hacked by a machete’. Thank you for your thoughts Cheryl, and rest assured that GSA is behind your kind work 110%