Diamonds in the Ruff…

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am not a “Dog Rescue”.  I don’t normally post dogs needing adoption.  That’s not the mission of German Shepherd Adventures.  I do admire the hard work and effort that all of you wonderful rescue and animal shelter people perform on behalf of the dogs though, so please accept a “Two Paws Up Salute” from everyone at GSA.

The last two weeks however, I have been involved in helping 6 wonderful German Shepherds find new homes.  And it has been a pleasure.  These were not abandoned dogs, nor were they even close to being abused.  They had a lovely home in the foothills of the Appalachians  in southeast Ohio, and a wonderful family.  What happened is all too tragic…The owner and everyday handler of these dogs suddenly passed away, leaving his wife to care for much more than she could care for.  Her concern was to find these dogs homes where they would continue to live in the manner in which they were accustomed.  I got involved in a small way, distributing some photo’s and descriptions of the dogs in question to people that I thought might be interested.  One of the people I spoke to owns two Daycare/Kennel/Dog Resorts  in Columbus, Ohio called “Noah’s Bark” and “Noah’s Too”.  The owner, Mr. Mark Corner, is a dog-man thru and thru.  He’s a retired K9 Officer, and works extensively in Animal Rescue and Transport, along with his other interests.  He has an extensive military background, and a sharp mind for business.  Well, he became interested in one of the dogs, a beautiful German Shepherd male named Dondersteen.  After making a two hour drive to visit, Mark brought Dondersteen home.  During that overnight test run, it was clear that Mark and Donder belonged together…So much so, that Mark was going to return and possibly take one of the two young puppies still remaining.  He generously asked me to come along and help him evaluate the pups.  (He doesn’t need my input, as he has a sharp eye for dogs and the experience to go along with it.  Actually I’m grateful that I can learn from Mark, as he’s a very fine teacher.)

Comrades in Crazy, we made the trip together.  We evaluated the pups.  Both had potential and wonderful temperament.  Mark decided that both pups should come home with us…And after some further evaluation and negotiating, he also decided that the three other females come back with us as well.  We knew we could place them, and they all had potential.  That, and we learned that an Amish breeder was interested in the bitches.  Not under our watch, Sie verrückt, bärtige, Welpe -Mühle Monster!  Well, Mark is a crazy generous man, with a heart of Gold, and I’m at least an enthusiastic apprentice of crazy…So we loaded up all the dogs in his minivan, with him driving and me at the shotgun position.  Here we were, 2 young sibling pups,(recently weaned) and their Mother, Hateya.  (Donder, the first male that Mark took as his own is their Sire was already back at home.)  And three other GSD’s of varying ages.  Cheyenne, a young female (14 months) of extraordinary beauty,  and Tolinka, a three year old female with a soft heart for children.  Blue Boy,not yet named, is as calm as a puppy can be, waiting for any job that someone can give him.  Well, even though this might sound unbelievable, it was a very calm and quiet ride back to Columbus.  The only ill-effects seem to be the puppies loosing their breakfast…Considering that none of these dogs has ever really known a leash, and had very minimal training and structure, they were champs!!!

I’m happy to report that two of the dogs have new homes and training in their futures.  The female puppy went to a great situation with a Groomer at a prominent Veterinary Office, and Dondersteen will pursue adventures with Mark, who longs for the days of K9’s and great dogs.   The three females that are cooling their heels at Marks facility are exceptional dogs, waiting for the right situation.  I’m going to introduce you to them, one at a time.  They are all registered pure bred GSD’s, and we can personally attest to their calm, well-tempered, manner.  They have had their updated vaccinations, and are in great health.  Each and every one of these dogs could be wonderful pets, nose work dogs, therapy dogs or CGC candidates.  If you have interest in them, please leave me a message here for quickest response…

  1. That’s very nice of you to help them out Robert! I’m sure you won’t have a problem but if you want I have a contact for a rescue in Akron who might be able to lend a hand and courtesy post on their website or something of that nature, just let me know!