I’d given up writing about training methods, good, bad, and silly.  It seemed that the Non-Aversive loving, Operant-Conditioning Zombies had been winning the heart of the politically correct society we live in, and it just wasn’t worth the flaming stupidity that happened when you dared argue with the Clicker Sorority.  (Yeah, it’s mostly a female movement.)  I no longer cared what these people did in their training, as long as I was free to train in the method that I know works best.  Click your brains out ladies, and hope you don’t need to correct any behavior problems with that thing…And I left it at that.  What a relief…

But something has happened, and a new uprising is stirring in the dog training world.  Balanced Trainers, like myself, are beginning to rise up on blogs, chat rooms, and other canine based internet sites.  They are writing and making video’s, and finally pushing back on the tidal wave of Skinnerites, and Pryor Zombies.  They are exposing the failures of Non -Aversive training, they are pointing out the harm that a militant stand for any SINGLE method causes dogs.  When a Clicker trainer admits that they have behavior problems with their own dog, or a clients, the Balanced Trainers are finally jumping on it and providing guidance where none has existed before.  What happened?

Well, it seems that the “politically correct” (as a collective) , always seeking complete control, went to far too fast.  Amongst other actions, they have succeeded in legislating a complete “Ban” on certain training collars in the country of Wales.  They are aiming at the rest of the U.K., but Balanced Trainers are rising up in defense of methods that are not only successful, but completely harmless to dogs.  The methods of Balance succeed where non-aversive devotee’s regularly fail.   The Balanced Trainers have risen up.  It’s about freaking time!!!

I think this latest turn-around, and subsequent surge of Reason, came at the guiding hand of Ivan Balabanov, World Champion competitor and Trainer.  Oh yeah, he’s also a breeder of the Belgian Malinois, something else that ticks off the HSUS,  ASPCA, PETA and the other alphabet soup of busy bodies that think they know best for the dog world.  Ivan has probably been to busy traveling the world training dogs and winning everything to keep abreast of this nonsense.  He has really turned his attention to helping train new handlers, study canine learning, and inspiring a new era in dog training.  He’s written some fantastic new things, and I suspect and hope that he is working on a new book discussing the topic of “Aversives” in training.  Beware Non-Aversive types…such a book could cause serious brain hemorrhaging to many of your militant types…Here’s a link to some of Ivans stuff.  http://malinois.com/site-training-tips/positive-training-or-reliable-training/    Ivan knows his way around a training facility, the mind of the dog, and oh yeah…The top of the Winners platform.  But he also trains peoples pet’s.  The dogs enjoy being with him, and their families enjoy learning from him.  I’m writing a separate post about this remarkable Dog Man, so I’ll move on to some other very fine posts and opinions that have recently jumped into the public domain.  Maybe Common Sense is making a much needed resurgence…

Stop number 2 on our tour of Balanced Trainers is to Mr. Roger Hild of http://www.tsurodogtraining.com/  Check out his methodology on the main page as you scroll down.  The  Tsuro Method…Balanced, effective, and well described.  Also visit his interesting articles link http://www.tsurodogtraining.com/articles_of_interest.htm      Remember, my purpose in highlighting these trainers and their sites is to encourage you to pursue BALANCED Training, rather than a militant stand for any single method.  Every dog needs a unique combination of things to successfully  take to training.  NO SINGLE method alone can help a dog with behavior problems…One article that he writes on is here…http://www.tsurodogtraining.com/_articles/real_training.html     Another is titled, http://www.tsurodogtraining.com/plan_b.htm

Our next stop on the balanced trainers trail is Mr. Dale McCluskeys video heavy website…http://k9pack.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/dog-psychology-corner-physical-response-and-relational-disconnect-2/   Very strong on relationship training, Dale has lots of great balanced training while also going after the damage of an unbalanced view with a vengeance…Dale tells it like it is, but his experience makes the truth pop off the screen!

And then there’s The TerrierMan!  http://terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2010/02/calm-and-assertive-clicker-training.html   His is a wide open blog site with so many interesting things that you’ll search this site for hours!!  The link above is especially interesting if you want to belive that Clicker training is a superior method!

Finally, I have enjoyed Mr, Tyler Muto found here…(And on Facebook!) http://connectwithyourk9.com/    and the blog, full of great reading is found here:  http://connectwithyourk9.com/category/blog/.    So balanced, and wide ranging, that you really must explore it yourself…some of my favorite articles are: http://connectwithyourk9.com/humane-dog-training-a-different-perspective/   and  http://connectwithyourk9.com/the-relativity-of-pressure/   see also:http://connectwithyourk9.com/a/  and its follow up article  http://connectwithyourk9.com/now-that-i-have-your-attention/.

Sometimes it has felt that Balanced, omnivorous trainers have been shut into small prison cells and joyously shouted down by the cult of OC and Aversive Training deniers.  I am thrilled to be able to start hearing from and seeing the Balanced Methods finally get their word out and slowly eroding into the monopoly that a relative small group of VERY LOUD and media savvy +R trainer militants have held.  All I ask of you, my reader, is to investigate everything that is out there for your dog!!!

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  2. Maureen says:

    Good article, though i do not agree with Mr. Dale McCluskey. I have had a couple of encounters with this man, and he is not very “balanced” and has a VERY limited toolbox. He focuses on just training through relationship, and does not use corrections, and looks down on using treats as a reward. He also made up his “dog psychology” and is not based on anything solid. He also seems to be a “my way or the highway” trainer. I don’t mean to “bash” him, but he is just not a good example of balanced training. Though, tyler muto on the other hand, is an EXCELLENT example of a balanced trainer! Very intelligent, experience, and he can REALLY train a dog. I use his methods of using a prong collar, and its extremely effective!

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