Forging Ahead and Not Looking Back.

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

2013  ended up with a couple of super positives.  First, it finally looks like Nosework training and Competition is coming to central Ohio!  I’ve found what looks like a perfect situation with some very professional people in the dog community!  This is newly developing, and you will be hearing about it very shortly!  Secondly, we’ve added a member to our pack.  A fiesty little Cocker Spaniel named Sam that has taken us by storm.  The  intent is for him to become a Therapy dog and his training is underway already.  My wife will be training with him under the direction of Lori Morrell (Wade Morrell’s wife) at Buckeye K-9 and we expect great things from that situation!  We also discovered thru playing with him, that Sam has an exceptional NOSE and a Prey drive that makes scent detection a really strong possibility!  I’ll be chronicling Sammy’s development as we go thru it, so stick close.

Thirdly, and still in the clouds, we see the possibility of being able to move home to Northern Michigan and finally establishing our own canine-dream.  The concept that we have for this business, is totally unique in the region, and won’t create competition for the good friends we have there.  I’ve already registered the name, trademark, and URL for “Up North K9” so the first seeds have been planted.  Our plan is to establish a property for Canine Activity.  NOT a daycare, and certainly NOT a dog park.  We want to provide a multiplex of indoor and outdoor dog activity, usable in any weather.  Plans include an IPO field for schutzhund exercise, practice, and training.  An inside studio for Bitework and Obedience will keep the work going all thru the winter months in comfortable surroundings.  Another planned ooutdoor sector of the facility will be a regulation Agility course, with spectator friendly areas.  Inside Agility is still being considered, but spectator space will be limited.  We’ll work on that shortcoming.  Of course, the entire facility will be available for Nosework of every level, from competitive to law enforcement applications with multiple-use compatibility.  The real goal is to provide a canine/human training playground…Not a place for owners to leave their dogs to the care of employees, but a place where you come together for a chance to play and train together in whatever dog activity you choose.  We supply the place, you provide the fun.

We plan on being THE facility to provide training.  Having real experts in to hold workshops and seminars on a regular basis is going to be our #1 priority.  There are so many trainers doing wonderful sessions that I can’t wait to start bringing them  to Michigans beautiful north country!  Given time, who knows what other events will be possible?

Yeah, I’m planning and dreaming big.  But APPLE got started in a garage, so there’s no reason to say, “It CAN’T be done!”   So I’m in total “Go” mode, one step at a time, focused on what CAN be accomplished at this moment.  When that step is finished, I’ll take the next.  Then another.  Etc. Etc.etc…

I have absolutely no timeline established.  I’ll be finished when I’m finished.  But as of today, I’m firmly pointed at Forward, and whatever lies ahead.


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