Welcome to the K9 Detection Sports Association: Central Ohio’s leader in Canine Nosework!!!

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m finding out that there are quite a few dog owners in central Ohio that have been involved, and/or dabbling in canine scentwork with various teachers!  Lots of individual efforts, but nothing seems to be happening to form a collective group for support, training, or competition.  Thats something we need to change, quick, fast, and in a hurry!!! Working together, I think that central Ohio can become a region wide destination for Nosework training and competition, but we’ve got work to do.  Wanna help?

Yesterday, Saturday February 8th, we held an Introductory workshop to Nosework and we attracted a great group of about 38.  We discussed the upcoming 6 week Nosework 1 class that will be held at the ARF facility in Gahanna starting on March 1st at 2:00pm.  Only 10 slots are available for the class, but it appears that we will be privileged to continue on into the rest of the years schedule of events!!  You WILL eventually get your spot if you want it!!

But that’s only the tip of this iceberg:  Since we are hoping for more members, we are going to get the “K9 Detection Sports Association” off the ground as an official club, and I hope that you’ll join us.  In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be publishing membership information, and setting up an organizational body.  If you’re interested and/or have experience in running a club, here’s a chance for you to help put wheels under this bus!

We will also be looking for opportunities to train together in various places around central Ohio when ARF isn’t available, or a new challenge is called for.

During this early time, we’ll also apply for membership/sanction within the UKC organization.  That membership will allow us to earn titles, certify as Judges in competition, and compete at the National Level.

There’s a million details that I’m missing right now, but together, as a club, we’ll work it all out!

Meanwhile, bookmark this blogsite, and the Facebook page, as these are the best way to mass communicate quickly.

I hope that everyone enjoyed yesterdays Intro…Hansie was really amped to run searches yesterday, as you all saw, and he once again made me look like I know what I’m doing.  Sammy, for a first-timer in the Scent-Lab, you’ve earned Rookie of the Year status!  I don’t mind telling you that he really surprised me taking to the Search so quickly and successfully!  Never underestimate a 6 year old dog that was homeless just a few weeks ago!  Hopefully soon, you’ll get to meet my little baby girl Holly as well.  She was slated to be there, but came into heat the day before,and would have caused a disaster!  Thanks too for my wonderful right-arm (literally right now!) my wife, CarolAnn.  Latching her to Hansie in Search mode was unexpected, but she survived and did well.  I told you that you could do it!!  Thats it for now gang, keep your eyes here as there’s lots more to come!!!