Declaring War!!!

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"I said, "NO Trifexis!" and I meant it.

“I said, “NO Trifexis!” and I meant it!

Okay, I’ve realized that I’ve been a member of a growing throng of people that refuse to any longer risk my dogs health with certain vaccinations and various treatments for fleas, heartworms, etc.  Just this week, I had to go a little Shaka Zulu with a professional over using Trifexis for fleas and Heartworm.  But the encounter also brought up a big question, that I, and a lot of you, have been trying to figure out for a while.  If not Trifexis, then what will I use to rid my dogs of the nasty little biting meatheads??  Well, after discussing various modern pharmaceutical poison bombs with the Vet, I decided to take advice from two individuals that have experience of the “Farmer” variety.  They’ve both been caring for dogs and other farm type critters for, lets just say, years.

Their answer was “Diatomaceous Earth”.  Okay, like you may, I had to hie myself to the nearest internet signal and Google that pair of words.  Here’s what I found, and what I’ve learned.  My info comes from a couple of books, hands on use of the product, and internet accessible advice, so don’t credit me with great knowledge, just good research skill.

What IS Diatomaceous Earth? (from now on I’ll call it DE)

Diatomaceous Earth  is an off white talc-like powder
that is the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. When sprinkled on a bug
that has an exoskeleton (such as bed bugs, ants or fleas) it compromises their
waxy coating so that their innards turn into dessicated, lifeless proteins and sugars.  In other words, It kills the little miscreants deader than affordable health care!!!  WITHOUT poisoning your dog.  If you look at this photo, you can also see that the grains look extremely sharp and pointy.  Well they are.   Apparently they also slice the common pests into ribbons.  Thereby ending their reign of terror on your dog, your home, and even yourself.

Nasty little switch-bladed freedom fighters!!

Nasty little switch-bladed freedom fighters!!

Here’s another photo of DE as you’ll see it yourself:

Our best hope for victory over fleas!

Our best hope for victory over fleas!

The important thing to us is that if an insect with an exoskeleton comes into contact with DE, they give up the ghost pronto!! (Victory is Ours!!!). Meanwhile, we  homo sapiens can rub it all over ourselves, and even eat it and we continue to thrive.

DE is nature’s napalm on bugs like fleas, ants and bed bugs.  Calling in a natural, non-chemical,fast-mover airstrike on these pests is quite satisfying.

Farmers dump food grade DE by the shovelful  in with grains when they are stored. It lays  waste to the insects that want to feast on the grain.  (Just who do they think they are???) This is a great improvement over the nasty chemical concoctions they previously used with the grain.

TWO warnings:  DON’T, DON’T, DON’T, buy your DE at anything resembling a pet store!!!  They will charge you an outrageous price for something that is literally, Dirt Cheap!!!  Go to a Farm Supply store, and ask for FOOD GRADE DE.  They  sell it in 40 lbs bags for about $10.00.  That will last you awhile.  WARNING TWO:  KEEP the stuff DRY.  If it’s wet, it becomes soft, pliable, and useless.

Diatomaceous earth is Dirt cheap, non toxic, and  more effective than anything the pesticide companies would use to poison your yard, home, or pet. Yeah, it’s a secret weapon that money grubbing chemists at Monsanto would like you NOT to know.  (Probably going to hear a drone over my house after this…)

The bags have full instructions for using DE on your pet.  It doesn’t require a whole lot, and it’s so effective.  Just sprinkling it into your dogs hair, all over will produce wonderful results.  Put onto your yard, DE will also kill fleas and mites.  However, it may also kill USEFUL, and desirable worms, so use with caution around plants and trees.  As for heartworms, the theory is that sprinkling a tablespoon into your dogs drinking water, will take care of those quite well.  But, I’m going off the word of others on this, however trustworthy.  But, many really enthusiastic human users of DE put the powder in juice, and claim that it does many things, including scraping plaque off artery walls.  DO YOUR OWN research, and decide for yourself.  That’s what I’m doing, and I have nothing but positive things to say about using DE and my blood pressure.  For sure, my dogs have happy skin, and fluffy coats now that they’ve been using it…

"Took 'dem out with Diatomaceous Earth...that's pretty sophisticated for a bunch of farmers..."

“Took ‘dem out with Diatomaceous Earth…that’s pretty sophisticated for a bunch of farmers…”

  1. Edmund Neethling says:

    Great one. I am using it. Really does wonders.

    Kind regards

    Edmund Neethling ________________________________

  2. Wendy Rogers says:

    For heartworm prevention you can feed Guinness Draught Beer in the bottle. Plenty of discussion of it in the raw feeding FB groups of it being used successfully. Can also treat a HW positive dog.