My dog would never chew a Nyla-Bone…(A lesson in attitude)

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Your dog wants to chew on things.  More importantly, your dog needs to chew.  As a puppy, chewing helps them to strengthen pricked ears, get thru the painful teething process, and find a distraction from Dad’s expensive Teva sandals.  Adult dogs have a need to chew as well in varying degrees.  It seems to relieve stress, and helps your dog learn to keep a longer “Down” or “Place” command.  And it preserves your wifes expensive Louis Vuitton shoes from an untimely death, leading to both man and dog from banishment to the proverbial “doghouse”.  (Believe ME, I know of what I speak…)  Healthy dentition is important for your dog, and brushing their teeth seems an activity that many just won’t take the time to do properly.  Greenies are expensive, and veterinary dental care is the newest cash-cow for the industry.  So just what can your dog chew on to keep gunk from collecting on their pearly, pointed, whites?

Many dog owners rely on items best not chewed on such as pig’s ears, expensive bully sticks, chinese dog buiscuits, pieces of overpriced antler, or the common stick.  Believe me, your Vet will thank you profusely for NOT supplying your dog with that rogue’s gallery of gastric problems.  So then, what can your four-legged friend chew to it’s hearts content?  The best thing that we at GSA have found is common NYLABONE.  Available in many sizes, shapes, styles, flavors, and colors, you can beat them for usefulness.  “But I’ve given those things to my dog and he ignores them completely!  He’ll never use those!”    I can hear you exclaiming.  Well, I’m here to help you out, and together we’ll convince that recalcitrant canine that the Nylabone is his best friend.

The common reason that dogs won’t accept the Nylabone toys, is our own attitude.  You select a nylabone at the petfood store, thoughts of shoes remaining whole dancing in your head, go home, unwrap the chew, and throw it in front of your confused dog.  It’s the equivalent of saying, “I have no use for this thing, you can have it.”  $12.00 down the tube.  Your attitude has failed you.

Ever notice that if a dog sees you use an object everyday, for instance an inkpen, then soon thereafter they will find a way to make it their own?  They have deemed it precious to you, and therefore desirable to the canine psyche’.  I’ve lost untold numbers of pens this way.  And socks…lots of socks.

So I figured this out, because 30 days ago, my dogs had been the owners of several nylabones, and never put their choppers into a single one.

I brought home a  new Bone shaped nylabone, bacon flavored.  I threw down for him and it was ignored for about a day.  Then after that time had elapsed, I picked up the toy and carried it with me EVERYWHERE.  That nylabone became my most treasured possession.  I let Hans see me with it, gnawed on it myself ever so briefly, put it on the table in front of my,  and generally made it MINE.  Then, after about a day of this, I put the toy on my office chair where Hans and I spend so much time together.  I left the room, and watched my possum-playing German Shepherd, take that heretofore uninteresting object and proceed to chew on for an hour straight.  When he was thru, he attempted to hide it in his crate.  I took the toy back, and put it away.  It’s MINE after all, my precious, and he will forever WANT it from me…Problem solved, and he’s well on his way to needing another one.  So there’s your answer, if you want your dog to really “want” something, want it yourself first.  His teeth will thank you for the effort.


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