The Communicative Approach: See Life Thru the Dogs’ Point of View

Posted: May 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
  1. omorrow says:

    As a journeyman “poop scooper” and dog mama, I am always amazed at how dog behavior is so misunderstood and debated! We use our “educated minds” to over think and absolutely cloud the the plain truths of dogs in general. You are right Robert, if one takes the time to observe, and apply some common sense (if one can find any now days), the dogs will speak volumes! It is the disease of this world to study life from a classroom and have no true to life experience on which to base debates. A good example of this is the current curriculum in vet schools. They have replaced animal husbandry courses with business courses. The result of this is that recent testing has shown that over 40% of current vet students could not identify a body posture silhouette of a dog defecating! We are much more complex in our thinking and often DO push our thoughts, emotions, and wants on to what we think a dog wants or needs, or thinks! For instance..I have seen dogs show compassion, but never pity…there is a big difference. Dogs are one of God’s most fabulous gifts. We can learn so much about life and how it should be approached by watching them interact with each other and with nature and people. Simple are their desires, joys, needs and thoughts, and they learn and adapt to us much quicker than we ever do to them! Dogs do not lie..You notice I did not say they do not sneak and reason their way around us to fulfill their desires! They do not lie, not to us or to each other, we just simply must take the time to pay attention and watch them be who they are. Each dog is as individual as we are and they each think and process situations based on what motivates them as individuals. Our job is to spend time with them and simple observance will tell! The best way to learn what your dog is thinking is to LIVE with them! I have noticed in my lifetime of living with dogs that over thinking, and over focusing by people only tend to confuse the dog because they feed off of us! If we would only provide the rules (which like children, they need and want…Oh lord, there is the “leader debate”) relax, and enjoy them, their thought process would be vividly clear!!