Activism: You’re Doing It Wrong!!!

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
This is what Activism without positive action becomes.

This is what Activism without positive action becomes.

More activism...Recently, I was witness to a situation that pushed this post to the fore. It’s been hanging fire for some time, but just never got put onto the screen in this form. In fact, this is the 6th draft of the subject matter. This time, it took solid form, and I finished it to a degree that pleased me. It will probably make somebody mad, but most of my greatest hits post usually do just that.  Its a subject that has been an annoyance to me for some time and needs to be put out there.  As a middle-child (always the negotiator)  that has spent a lot of time in public relations work, my goal is to help those of you that try to push peoples buttons with confrontational methods, learn a more effective way.  It seems certain that a huge majority of such “activists” have been trained by the likes of Saul Alinsky and his “Rules For Radicals”.  A tome deserving of nothing better than hanging on a roll in your bathroom, and being soon flushed into oblivion. There’s a BETTER way.  The “Catch more flies with Honey” mindset.   Definition of ACTIVISMa doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue.   I have stopped reading posts on Facebook or any other site that feature dogs needing adoption or Rescue.  I pass by every single one.  German Shepherd or not.  Photo’s of dogs in rescues/re-homing situations or whatever.  I blow right by them like a scalded grey-hound.  The reason I do this, is the subject of this post.  But I’ll get to that in a moment…there’s a story that goes along with this that I need to relate.  I recently received a personal message from a trusted friend that requested my input on a situation that was developing over an ad on Petfinder.  The dog in question had come from a trusted, respected, breeder.  The family that has faithfully and loyally made the dog a member of their family for more than two years, has suddenly found themselves in a no win situation where the dog must be re-homed.  They took the responsible course, and began looking for a qualified new family.  They never begged the breeder to take the dog back, only quietly put out word to close friends about the situation.  The breeder in point-of-fact, was initially unaware of the turn-of-events.  The dogs family placed a well-worded post on Petfinder, and prayed for the best situation possible.  Heartbreaking but nonetheless necessary for all involved.  This is where bombastic and ignorant “activism” reared it’s ugly, pasty, scalp. An expert in nearly everything “dog”, apparently by virtue of her being a “Vet-tech with Banwell Vet clinics”, posted the opinion that the breeder of said dog obviously cared not one whit about the dog or they would have taken the dog back., rather than submit it to a rescue situation.   Her “opinion” was, in her deluded thinking, unassailable because of her position.  She stated that her opinion of breeders was nearly always correct, and that no rebuttal from more clear-headed, and personally knowledgable individuals was needed.  “I’m right, and I’m taking my toys home now,  Nyaaaagghhhh!!” That’s the problem with most “activists” on any number of issues. Opinions are formed by a collective, qualifications are assumed, and like a troup of monkeys, fecal waste is flung.  No research for the truth is done, no real effort is put out to actually “solve” a problem, or at least put something positive into real action.  It’s more about an opportunity for public ridicule, baseless, yet sticky accusation, or outright falsehoods, aimed at harming someone they disagree with.  nothing OF A POSITIVE NATURE, that helps anybody.  No single person or man-made collective is going to solve the terrible things you see everyday.  Even the most positive Facebook “post”  is NOT going to produce a home for every animal needing it.  Nor is your printed spit and vitriole going to stop any breeding of dogs, especially by  truly legitimate and responsible breeders.  But then, such activists don’t feel that ANY breeder is legitimate or responsible.  No matter what… Thats why I don’t even look at those posts anymore.  Every one of them will include some lame-brained, activist, Big-mouth, spouting on about “That Breeder is terrible and should be stopped“, or “Why weren’t those people more responsible when buying a dog?”, or the ever popular, “Why didn’t those terrible people ADOPT a dog instead of supporting a breeder!!!????”  They will then flood these threads with their sputimized outrage, and eventually get around to slander. Do You Really Believe That Your Opinion Will Change Anything?  Are you Muddle-Headed enough to believe that because YOU say something that everything will just shift to your way of thinking???  An entire generation seems to have redeveloped that believes this kind of folderol. (look it up) The harsh reality is this: Loud-mouthed, sign carrying, Internet posting of lies and unchecked facts is driving away people that might really be able to help.  People like me.  People with something more than an a 120 decibel voice, a Twitter account, or computer keyboard to offer.  All of these types of activism eventually fail to survive, and fail to accomplish.  (For proof of this, whatever happened to the wild, drunken, fornicating, drug-addled collective of nit-wits called “Occupy _______”?. (insert any of the permutations)  They failed, and their hard-partying collective went back to their parents basement to live, waiting for the next flash mob to be called. If you really want to help, really want to help, go DO something besides lurk behind a keyboard or that blessed I phone you seem fused too, and do something positive.  Volunteer at a shelter, go out to the public with a rescue and introduce dogs in need to people. Place’s where results happen.  If you have the skill to write something uplifting and positive, you can do that…That might attract the  right people to the cause of helping dogs (or any other cause) that can truly help.  Anything else is repelling us from your activity. Another suggestion, if you please.  Don’t try to change or ban what other people enjoy.  Like the breeding of purebred dogs.  Or using E-collars or other tools because you don’t personally like them.  It’s none of your business what another person does within the bounds of the law.  In other words, “Who Died and left YOU in charge of other people?”   Give up the vain attempts to affect the world.  Your continued failures only leave you angry and depressed, and cause you stress.  (That also seems to be responsible for much of the terrible contemporary music that gets produced)  Take care of your own little corner of the globe, within the confines of what is probably your parents house.  And do it POSITIVELY, for your own benefit.

So embarrassing to watch these nitwits...

So embarrassing to watch these nitwits…

  1. Elly Price says:

    You are so right! (Y)

  2. lifeofmissb says:

    Great post. I’m the proud owner of a pure bred gsd who I adopted through a gsd specific rescue group – GSDS in need Australia. This group focus on positive all the time – they want the best outcome for the dogs & more often than not families who for whatever awful circumstance have to re-home their dog use this group. They don’t discourage people from buying a pup or dog from a reputable, licensed breeder endorsed by state gsd clubs. They offer support for people who have GSDS in the form of training advice but it’s never evangelical…. I can’t stand that! I also hide a lot of the “shock value” posts about rescue dogs/shelters & the like…. Despite adopting my girl Coco I whole heartedly support getting a pup from the right breeder. I’ve seen the difference between a pup vs a rescue dog raised with a family and there is so much to be said about getting a “clean slate”. I use positive reinforcement training with Coco but also recognise there are other methods that are more suitable depending on the dog & the situation.