Putting Working Dogs in the Hands That Need them…

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Trained Law Enforcement Canines are an expensive but effective tool in the hands of any police agency.  They are more than a force multiplier, more than an additional firearm.  They are capable of work that no man-made device has yet to duplicate.  Yet, many law enforcement entities do not have the aid of a well trained dog.  That’s wrong.  But it’s a fixable problem, if only in my small corner of the world.  That’s why I’m putting out a plea to my readers to help German Shepherd Adventures put additional dogs out into the agencies that need them.  We are joining the effort of the “Police K-9 Fund of Michigan” to place dogs, fully trained, and street ready thru donations by corporations, and private individuals.  These dogs cost upwards of $10,000.00 after all the training and health maintenance, not to mention raising the little rascals for a year or so until they are ready.  “Police K-9 FoM” has already managed to put one dog with a department in Michigan,  (The German Shepherds name is AJAX, and you’ll be able to read about him here as the details are released!!)  and a second pup has been offered.  That pup is just shy of the cost needed for his complete purchase, by a measly $2500.00.  That’s where GSA comes in.

In order to spread the word, we are happy to let all of you know about the need and donate whatever you can to make this possible.

Consider what well-trained Law Enforcement dogs do for you on a daily basis.  In the area of illegal narcotics, dogs are responsible for finding millions of dollars worth of heroine, cocaine, meth-amphetamine, and a dozen other dangerous drugs.  Police canines are responsible for keeping their handlers safe as well.  These dogs enter dangerous situations daily so that the human officer can plan on going home at end-of-shift.  Ask police officers families, if they think that’s important…

GSA recieved this message from Mr.  Kevin Kinker one of the organizers of this event:

One of the biggest opportunities has fallen into my lap on this Monday and seeking every ones help… As of now Ajax has been excepted into a PD thru funding we have received… Today we have opportunity to have ANOTHER K9 to donate if we can raise a small amount of additional funds. At this time we are $2500 short to donate an additional dog to a PD. We are in full forward motion to get these funds raised to have (2) K9’s donated from our K9 trial. I know I have many dog people that would like to make a difference for our Police K9’s and this is your opportunity to help. Any and all donations are excepted to reach this $2500 mark for the additional dog!!!!! Let go people!!! Donations are tax deductible ********

A PD is already interested in the additional dog that maybe avail too..

If we get the funds raised this will be one for the history books for K9 and great things ahead…..

That’s the mission behind the SDA Trial and Fundraiser announced below.  German Shepherd Adventures is thrilled to be a sponsor/contributor to this great event and I’m asking for the help of the dog world.  Who IS The K9 Police dog fund?

K9 Police Dog Fund of Michigan (501(c)(3) & Service Dogs of America

The K9 Police Dog Fund is a Non Profit 501(c) (3) organization established in 2008. We are a small group of rotating volunteers who create fund raising activities. Given the tight budgets of K9 units, it is our goal to provide training supplies, access to training activities, or assistance in the purchase of dogs in the State of Michigan. Our contributions are based on need and request.

We have on our Board a retired K9 officer from Oakland County. He is currently Vice President of NAPCH, one of the certifying agencies used by teams in Michigan. Several local officers are active in assisting us with our fund raisers and their guidance is sought, as well, as we attempt to respond to requests.

Our volunteers come from the dog world. They may be pet owners, dog sport participants, breeders, groomers or simply those who admire the work of our Thin Blue Line K9 officers and their partners.

The connection to contribute any amount is thru Mr. Kevin Kinker 616- 205- 5110. PayPal and mail in options are available  The coolest way to contribute, and maybe even meet the dogs being donated would be to attend the Service Dogs of America Trial event in Kent City, Michigan on October 18th and 19th! 
West Michigan Working Dogs

Titles offered: FO, PA, P1-P1S, P2-P2S, P3-P3S, PD1, PD2, OB1, OB2, OB3 and tracking
Trial Date: 10/18 & 19/2014
Entry Deadline: 10-10-2014
Entry Form: Click Here
Judge: Jack Rayl, Barry Vardenburgh
Decoys: Kevin kinker
Location: 825 16 Mile Rd, Kent City, Mi 49330
Contact: Kevin Kinker  616-205-5110


German Shepherd Adventures is pleased to be able to do a little something for the law enforcement community.  See You at the Trial next week!  If you can’t make it, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your contribution!!    German Shepherd Adventures will be posting photo’s of the event, The 2 dogs being donated and their stories as soon as details are available!!!!


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderfully articulate article. I’m involved with the K9 Police Dog Fund Kevin and SDA are helping to support through this upcoming trial. Really excited about the trial. Kevin’s efforts have been amazing! Bringing the sport dog world and the K9 world together in these efforts is a genuine expression of our mutual love and respect for working dogs.