Book Review: The Sport of Schutzund-BJ & Peter Spanos

Posted: May 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

I have always wondered why no one has  hitherto (I love that word) taken advantage of the visual excitement of schutzhund and produced a coffe-table book.  There are many talented photographers that frequent the training fields with us that thrill us with the photos they post on Facebook.  Wouldn’t it be cool if someone sifted thru the thousands of images, added insightful, clear descriptions, and generally promoted our sport in a positive manner to an audience outside of the circle?  Well, Thanks to the team of BJ & Peter Spanos, that photo essay exists.  In fact, it’s been around since 2007 , and it shocks me that I’ve never come acrossed it…

The work of at least 27 seperate photographers is represented, both Pro and amateur.  All of the different facets of Schutzhund are photographed in great detail.  It is apparent that all of the work is by individuals that know and understand the nuances of the sport, and each photo captures the “moment”.

Technically speaking, the photo’s describe schutzhund acccurately.  But beyond that, the relationship between Handlers and their dogs is outstandingly highlighted.  You can feel that the dogs and their handlers are connected and having a great time engaging in tracking, obedience, and protection exercises.  That’s a positive, as it shows the reader that schutzhund doesn’t mean that we are teaching our dogs to attack everyone in an uncontrolled manner.  Nor are the dogs being brutalized during the training. The dogs are ENJOYING THIS… (for examples of these type of photos, see pages 7,9,12,28,35,103,111, and many others.

The 5th chapter entitled “Not just for Adults” also shows the component that this is a Family Friendly activity, that welcomes and trains the handlers of tomorrow…Compliments on adding this subject to both authors!!!  Page 119 might easily be my favorite photo of the entire book!  Does anyone recognize this determined looking young lad?

I could go on and give kudos to the descriptive photos of good form and function in the Obedience exercises, in other words, “How they SHOULD look”, but letting you discover them for yourself is a better method.

This is a book that I will leave on my office table, where it can be LOOKED AT FREQUENTLY.  I will share it with newcomers to the sport, and people that are not involved with dogs at all…it’s the perfect answer to describing schutzhund without dry reading of text only presentations.

THE SPORT OF SCHUTZHUND is available thru Amazon and from the author directly at BJ Spanos Ink,  If Amazon lists the book as out of stock, they will restock shortly.

I heartily recommend this book for my readers.  It was produced by people that love schutzhund and the dogs sincerely, and share this joy enthusiastically!!!



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