Helping Out a Great Group of People That are Helping Out Great People…

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Uncategorized
German Shepherd Adventures has recently become aware of a project that Cher Car Kennels in St. Johns Michigan has undertaken.  They are a wonderful group of trainers (and People) that deserve the help we can hopefully give them. Please click on the link below.
Cher Car Kennels has been invited to apply for a Mission Main Street Grant sponsored by Chase. We have always trained dogs to serve our community, through policing, security, and home protection. We also provide custom assistance dogs for PTSD support and handicap assistance, as well as mobility. This aspect of our business is constantly growing, and we find ourselves focusing on how to provide the correct dog, training and environment for those individuals to work with us comfortably. Our extensive background in custom training allows us to provide dogs for those people who do not “fit” the typical profile of blind assistance, hearing assistance, or mobility assistance. There is at present no other facility with the experience, willingness and ability to find, train and install these special needs animals. We hope to utilize any grant awarded to make our facility handicap accessible, allowing us to train more dogs for unique situations and to offer our training services to greater numbers of varied clients with a weather independent, fully accessible facility.
Please show your support of our mission by voting for Cher Car Kennels at
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