Dog-Napping: A Cautionary Tale.

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While this story is originating in central Ohio, I believe that this sort of thing probably happens everywhere the opportunity arises.  Unfortunately, there are people that just do this sort of thing without hesitation.  It happened to a good friend of mine recently, and I have since heard of two other incidents, that may or may not be related.  I decided to report on it as a cautionary tale to everyone that cares to take the advice.  It might save you a lot of heartache, or at least the investment of a good dog.

The friend in my story owns a beautiful, well-trained, statuesque, male German Shepherd.  The dog is quite sociable with people of every stripe, and curious about any adventure you might offer him.  That might very well have been his undoing in this case, but that attitude is not wholly to blame.  Be assured, the owner of the dog realizes that allowing such a dog to roam the farm at will, is not a good idea.  They have taken the proper steps to prevent this from happening again.  And I might well have chaulked this whole situation to one unwise decision on the part of a trusting dog-owner, except for the fact that I have now heard of several other incidents in our area.  They are all eerily similar, and demand that we keep our eyes open.

Bottom Line?  It appears that someone is trying to steal Working type dogs in central Ohio.  German Shepherds, Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds thus far.

The perpetrator or perpetrators, might be doing it for a clandestine puppy mill type situation, or just to say that they have such a dog.  There are mental-cases running around out there that just get a rush from possessing such dogs.  (Sorry if that term is non PC, but it’s accurate) and don’t have the resources to legally acquire one legitimately.  Or the individual may have a dog already that they are wanting to breed, and find an opportunity presents itself in the form of YOUR dog.  Such people don’t care about pedigrees, health checks, or bloodlines.  They just want to make money off the proceeds of what they view as easy work.

What really sparked me to write this, was something a fellow IPO friend said when this subject came up.  “You can go ahead and try to steal my dog.  You’ll just get shredded by him…”  And that may be true under most circumstances.  But what about an individual that might well have some knowledge of dealing with these dogs, and is prepared?  At a recent trial event, I observed dogs safely crated, in the shade, and seemingly safe, nearly a half-mile away from the hub of activity.  A truly motivated thief, would have no problem taking an entire crate, lifting it into a vehicle, and driving off.  With Your Dog.

A truly motivated nitwit might attempt to wear a sleeve or suit, let the dog grab on, and lead the dog to a crate waiting in their own vehicle.  Drive off, and they have an instant breeding program.

“Yeah, but how could they sell puppies from a stolen dog?  There would be no records or proof  of bloodline…no legitimate proof of anything!”

In the wise words of Hans und Franz, “Listen to me now, und believe me later!”.  In this digital age of extreme technology,  do you really believe that creating false documents of pedigree or health records is an impossible task?  Or even more likely, do you think there’s no market for undocumented working breeds?  Do you really believe that every dog registered in the Pedigree Database or AKC records is legitimate?  Am I being paranoid to even broach this type of criminality here?  Feel free to make your own conclusions.  But after the three events I’ve heard of personally, and making observations at events locally, I am making SECURITY of my dogs a top- priority.  My dogs watch over me when needed, and I’m going to do the same for them when they might be vulnerable.

Getting back to the situation in the beginning, the dog was lured into a vehicle by a person that was earlier observed playing with their own dog in an adjacent property.  Without revealing why this is thought, it appears that the perpetrator was stalking the dog.  He or she then made the heist, and drove nearly 30 miles away.  The dog was wearing a collar that had the owners phone number stitched into it with 1 inch high letters.  It seems likely that the thief  forgot to check if the dog was intact or not, and when the trip was complete, realized that he was not.  Thus making their plan impossible.  The thief then decided to call the number on the collar, and attempt to find the true owner. The kidnapper openly admitted that if no one answered the phone, she was just going to keep the dog.  Nice effort you scuzzbag.  Apparently, another family member had a conscience of sorts, and demanded that the thieving woman return the dog forthwith.  After a confusion of directions, designed to hide their location, the dogs owners were able to drive the distance and recover their dog.  Yeah, they made a mistake letting their dog run loose on their large property.  But this woman also seems to have stalked their dog.  And then made her move.  The same scenario played out in our area 2 more times in the last 2 weeks.  By a person matching description in all 3 cases.  Yet nobody got her name or licence or address.  The dog IS micro-chipped.  Yet an individual thatcares not for Vet care or ownership papers or pedigree registrations DOES NOT CARE.  You could have just as easily been the victim.  Amongst the many problems this causes is that some clubs just want to remain private, made up of known people and inviting few to join with only massive references.

PLEASE…Institute better security for your dogs, your person, your club, and your gatherings.  Have someone keep an eye on the dogs, the property, and for the love of all that is righteous, keep your dogs at arms length.  The world is rapidly sinking into a quagmire where bad people take what they want without regard.  Don’t be a victim…

If anyone else has experienced anything like this in Ohio, please let me know immediately.  I am doing my best to make this known to Law enforcement.  Leave me a message.l


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