“Do Nothing.” Are You Kidding Me?

Posted: May 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

Maybe the Curmudgeon in me got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Maybe I was just looking for a Writers Prompt to show its head. Or maybe I just responded to something that I strongly believe to be an immutable Truism.
For whatever brain dead reason, I opened Flakebook. (I’m purposely doing this less and less) The first thing I read was a post regarding, ‘Finding what you want to do’…” The authors advice was to have a “Do Nothing Day”, and discovering what you couldn’t stop yourself from doing during that day.
Do Nothing, To Discover Something.

If you are under 40 years of age, and you take this advice seriously, you are going to live a life of underachievement, rife with periods of unfulfilled wishful dreaming, leading to blaming everyone but yourself for life not being fair. It’s the moral equivalent of stubbornly refusing to WALK to your destination, while opining that someone should quickly build you a bus stop, subsidize a Bus line, and take you directly where you want to go, when you want to go. And yet, we seem to have raised a generation that is ready to do just that. Wait for something to happen, and complain that nothing ever happens.

What does this have to do with Dogs? Specifically? Not much, unless you put it into a broad based conclusion regarding life in general, and modern societal paradigms. Although, upon reflection, when a dog trainer advises you to “Ignore bad-behavior” and offer no correction, it IS quite similar.

In order to minimize the “rant-like” tone of this post, let me be succinct in voicing my recommendations.

If you truly feel like you are searching for “something to do”, don’t sit around on your IPhone or tablet, looking at what OTHER people are doing, WISHING that you could do something. Go out and DO SOMETHING!!! You MUST begin to do something, with goals that point towards what you will ultimately end up doing that puts the wind in your personal sails. Sitting idly by, waiting will get you nowhere, and expecting perfection immediately, will only kill whatever ambition you may have inborn already. If Michelangelo had decided that his first painting or sculpture, was terrible and unworthy of display, he could have decided to do NOTHING about it, and wait for talent to land on his hands. But he didn’t. He painted and sculpted, and studied, and learned, and practiced, and generally chomped at his own bit. Eventually, he produced works of such soaring beauty, grace, and power, that his work will live forever. Good thing he didn’t have the internet.

If you want to discover what it is that YOU want to do, go do something. It may not be what you want at first, but effort breeds success. Go mow your elderly neighbors yard without expecting to be paid. Do something that helps other people in the community. Go introduce yourself to people, find out about their lives. Tour a Firefighting Station, a real, live, working farm, or a control tower at an airport. Plant a garden, or help someone else plant theirs. Get your hands dirty. Take a seminar in whatever interests you, be it dog-training or local archaeology. For the truly courageous, pick up the Bible and READ it. Go on a ride along with a local police officer. Build a Bat-house. Learn about Bee-Keeping. Go Fishing. Make the road to personal Discovery an adventure! Raise the dust, brave the storm, ignore the scornful and the lazy, DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING that lights your fire, and doesn’t harm anyone! A “Do Nothing Day”? Not in my life, Not in my Adventure…

Enough said…I’ve got THINGS TO DO!!!


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