Why NOT the Olympics?

Posted: August 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

I know this must have occurred to someone, somewhere.  But I’m going to put it out there for discussion from my vantage point.  Why isn’t IPO included in the Olympics?

I’ve seen horses.  I’ve seen golf.  I’ve seen an American man that seems more Dolphin than human…

Our sport is every bit as exciting as any form of volleyball played…Why hasn’t anybody from any of the IPO organizations proposed this?  Yes, there are competitions that most of us are familiar with, within the fold so to speak.  But the viewing numbers outside the sport are dismal from a marketing standpoint.  The Olympics would be the perfect venue to demonstrate and widen IPO into the mainstream.  I can see Dave Kroyer on a box of Wheaties already…Maybe Katie Gillies would be better at first.  We can save Dave’s mug ’til the public gets used to us.  Yeah, definitely Katie…

Seriously, there should be no question to this.  How do we petition the Olympic committee on behalf of IPO?  HAS IT EVER BEEN CONSIDERED?  Lets hear some discussion for or against this!!!


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