Hip Screening: Necessary? Why all the problems?

Posted: October 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

  German Shepherd Adventures  is opening it’s own investigation into an industry that has become ever present with owners and breeders of the German Shepherd Dog.  Hip and Elbow ratings.  Whether done by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) or such august organizations as PennHipp, there seems to be a constant supply of contradictory reports, inaccuracies, disagreements, and 180 degree diagnosis within just weeks.  What Is The Problem?

This is a call out to all Breeders, Owners, and Trainers of German Shepherds to tell us your story.  Good or Bad.  Do you trust the purveyors of the report?  Do you find inconsistencies?  Do you find sharp differences between the different testing methods?  Do you depend on the tests when you purchase or sell a dog?  Would you purchase a dog without tested hips if you knew the pedigree well?

This is pure and honest journalism on the part of the GSA team.  We have no complaints against, or in support of the Hip/Elbow rating industry.  But it does seem that many, many individuals in the Dog world are beginning to turn their backs on the practice for a variety of reasons.  Tell us YOUR  opinion, experience, or determination.  We at GSA will be searching for interviews from the two major players in the practice, AND from veterinarians that are often the vehicle behind X-rays for the report.  Please use the Personal Message system (German Shepherd Adventures  or   Robert Vaughan) on FACEBOOK to reply, or comment here on WordPress comments after this post.  Thank you for your help!!!!



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