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Posted: November 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

One of the greats of the Dog Training world recently wrote a post regarding certain changes that are being imposed on the Bite Sports.  I am re-posting his words in support of his stance hoping to spread it as far and wide as possible.  Go get’em Ivan!!


Wake up protection dog trainers, wake up!
Are you still concerned about the thrown retrieve in obedience?
There has been a war on protections dog sports, for the last 10 years, and if all of us do not step up and fight I bet you, there will be no REAL protection dog sports that we can play on world level together very soon.
I hate the “politics”, but if the dog sport enthusiasts and professionals don’t step up and voice their opinion NOW, they will be told what they can do, and what NOT to do by the WRONG people!!!
As of January 1st 2017 at the FCI IPO World Championships there will be NO MORE STICK HITS !
This looks like no big deal and nothing to worry about simply because it is only at the “FCI” and only at the “World Championship” right?
This is what happened in Europe with regulating which dog training equipment can be used and which can not be used. This is why European dog trainers hide like criminals but still use all equipment available. Sadly not many get the needed education anymore on how and when to use them because it is illegal.
The original stick (long time ago) was a thin bamboo stick that really stung the dogs, and made them angry.
What did this do? It exposed the dog’s courage and demonstrated the level of control the handler has, when the dog is angry!
Times changed and a “soft” padded leather stick was introduced. So for short time we used a padded stick and bamboo stick during the same trial ( first and second half of the routine). What happened next? The bamboo stick was completely removed from the program …
Now let me ask you all – this ‘innocent decision” of not hitting the dogs during FCI World Championship, is it going to stop there?
I think we all know the answer, there will be no stick hits in IPO, then no stick hits in all protection sports ( in Europe) and this will be the end of the meeting of the best protection dog trainers in world.
The good thing with social media is – we can all do something about it!
My voice and your voice can be heard! FCI, WUSV, FMBB they all can listen and decide if they protect our sport, and if they do not – do we need them as our representatives?
We know there are “activist organizations” who work tirelessly to completely shut down protection sports, accepting “little changes” is how it’s going to happen.
FCI Working Commission should at least have the courage to tell its membership why they want this change! If the member clubs do not agree , what then????
Speak out trainers, don’t be afraid to speak out!



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