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  Before I begin, it needs to be re-iterated that German Shepherd Adventures publishes these reviews without grift, without bribes from manufacturers, merely for the sole purpose of letting you know about small companies that are doing exceptional work.  If you ARE interested in bribing me for advertising space or reviews, I am always willing to entertain your petitions.  But be forewarned, I am an HONEST reviewer.  I tend to only write reviews that are POSITIVE.  If I don’t like a product, due to less than quality workmanship, I don’t bother reviewing it.  I received nothing for this review, but I LOVE THE PRODUCT.



When you spend a large part of your time traveling to dog-centric events of varying size, you tend to stumble over products that you fall in love with…Being a huge fan, and wearer of dog training clothing, I NOTICE top-quality merchandise when I see it.  Some times it’s about well placed (and numerous) pockets, other times it’s about weather suitability, and then there’s the always important quality of, “This is up to the rigors of working with dogs, and it’s going to last.”  Sometimes, I get a delightful mixture of all three of those things.  Not often, but this one does it!   D-Town gear is a very small. at this point, manufacturer and purveyor of a line of clothing that is expanding as we speak.  While limited at the moment, they have great plans for the future.  My advice is to buy one of their products quickly, and help them finance their further growth!

At a recent Agility competition, I happened to meet a competitor wearing an attractive and functional  hooded sweat shirt that knocked me over!  Cleverly pocketed, and built tough, there are no downsides to this garment.  True, it’s not exactly summer/hot weather wear, but sitting here in Ohio while it snows outside, this garment will more than get you thru a training session, competition, or any other outdoor activity.  Seam work is extra heavy duty, and range of motion is great.  Throwing the dumbbell will only be impeded by YOUR ability, not the wide gusseted sleeves. Other features include:

  • Large front and trademarked back ‘rec-poc’ with FULL nylon lining inside to protect outer material and ease of cleaning
  • 5×7” left and right zipper pockets for secure storing of personal items
  • Nylon lined Hood with drawstrings for comfort and warmth
  • Thumb holes in cuffs for added comfort in colder weather
  • Easily washed and cleaned



DTown Hoody: 4 pocket Recreational & Training Hooded Sweatshirt

I am a huge fan of the Thumb-hole sleeves as well, a seldom found but useful feature.  At under $90.00 each, this is a piece of clothing that looks great, fits great, and feels substantial.  Color choice is nice, and I’m told that laundering is straightforward and simple.  The owner had washed it a couple of times after the well-known “tracking-in-the-mud” that we are all familiar with, and the materials looked like new.  That’s good enough for me.

While I only saw the hooded garment, I have every reason to believe that the non-hooded, Dtown 5 Pocket Recreation & Training Sweatshirt is equally top-quality.  The Dtown Unisex Classic Pullover features a 5-pocket utility design for convenience of storing personal and dog items. This mid-weight, form-fitting pullover is designed for durability, style, comfort and function: with plenty of breathing room and ergonomic seems allowing full-range movement and access to its unique pocket features. Perfect for everyday activity and sport-specific training.  I love the innovative armpit pocket, suitable for hiding toys. Other features:

  • Large front and back pockets allow easy storage and access to a wide range of items including food and toy reward
  • Single panel nylon inner lining to protect outer fabric (designed with food and toy storage in mind)
  • 5×7” zipper pocket for safe storing of wallets, keys, phone (easily houses iPhone 6s+ and large Galaxy note)
  • Hidden armpit pocket for stealthy storage of wide range of objects
  • 5×7” right side Velcro pocket for easy storage and access
  • Thumb holes in wrist cuffs for extra comfort in colder weather
  • Easily washed and cleaned dtown4


The only “advisement” that I was offered was that sizes may be critical.  My friend suggested that the X-Large fit like a Large.  “order UP”, she advised me.  But you can ask questions regarding size when you order.  There is also a chart on the website that will be of some guidance.  You can also access information from their active Facebook page here:

It’s the perfect season for the dogtrainer on your list to get a top quality garment that they’ll wear proudly to all the dog events in their plan! dtown1

The Facebook page has mentioned an upcoming line of warmer weather clothing in development and out to the manufacture, so German Shepherd Adventures will be keeping an eye on this up and coming line!!




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